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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Celebrities afforded royal treatment by UK Supreme Court. Court says celebrity extra-marital sex should not be published as it's private-BBC

5/19/16, "Celebrity injunction: PJS cannot be named, says Supreme Court," BBC

"An injunction banning the naming of a celebrity involved in an alleged extra-marital relationship should stay in place, the Supreme Court has ruled.

The celebrity, known in court as PJS, successfully appealed against a court ruling lifting the ban on media in England and Wales publishing his name
The Sun on Sunday argued it should be able to run the story as his name had already been published elsewhere. The man had taken legal action saying that he had a right to privacy.

He has young children with YMA - as his spouse is known in court documents - and both are described as "well-known individuals in the entertainment business". 

Legal proceedings had started earlier this year when the Sunday tabloid wanted to publish a story about the celebrity, alleging he had taken part in what the courts described as a "three-way sexual encounter". 

The man sued News Group Newspapers claiming that publication of information about the alleged extra-marital activity would be a misuse of private information and a breach of confidence. 

He asked the Supreme Court to consider the issue after losing his case in the Court of Appeal last month, when three appeal court judges ruled the injunction should not remain in place.

The Supreme Court has now restored the injunction by a majority of four to one. It will stand until trial or a further order."...


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