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Friday, May 27, 2016

Hispanic American explains why he's for Trump: 'This nation needs security. Aside from illegal immigration, cartels cross the border at will with drug trafficking, sex trafficking. Refugees cannot come here unchecked. No culture, no religion, is above rights, freedoms or laws, and we need to protect that here in America'-You Tube video

5/22/16, "RSBN Presents: Hispanics For Donald Trump," Right Side Broadcasting Network, You Tube

"We reached out to Hispanics on Facebook and Twitter to see how many of them actually support Donald Trump for President- the response was incredible! We received hundreds of video responses-this is just a sampling of some of the best!"


At :52 on video, third interview:

"I support Donald Trump because I believe this nation needs security. We have illegal immigration, but aside from illegal immigration, we see what's going on with the cartels, how they're just crossing the border at will, trafficking drugs, trafficking weapons, they have a sex trafficking ring. You also have the refugees, and it's OK to allow refugees into the nation, but they have to be checked. You cannot allow people to come in unchecked. You wouldn't allow somebody to come into your home that you don't know, that you have not verified who they are. So why would you allow it in the nation? No culture, no religion, is above rights, freedoms, or laws. And we need to make sure that we protect that here in America. And only one person can do that, and that is Donald Trump." end 1:43


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