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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Washington State Trump supporter cites Trump plans to improve unfair trade deals and secure the border, 'absolutely vital for our prosperity as a nation and neglected for a long time.' Another says, 'it's not just the US that needs Trump, the west needs Trump'-Seattle Times

5/7/16, "Trump’s Washington state visit: live updates," Seattle Times 

"Seattle Times reporters and photographers are in Lynden for Donald Trump’s visit to Whatcom County. We will be providing live updates throughout the day, as we talk with supporters, protesters and cover Trump’s speech at the Northwest Washington Fair and Event Center.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee spoke in Spokane at noon. The Lynden rally is scheduled for 3 p.m....

2:40 p.m. | Among Trump’s supporters, a Canadian and a toddler," Seattle Times, Jessica Lee

"Peter Gigante, who is from Bellingham and does international trade, said he supports Trump mainly because of the candidate’s plans to improve “unfair” trading with China and secure the border.To me, trade and immigration are absolutely vital for our longtime prosperity as a nation. They’ve been neglected for a long time,” he said.  
Holding a “Canadians for Trump” sign, John Hostetler of Victoria said he believes Trump stands for not only the future of the U.S. but the future of “western civilization.

“Trump has all the right enemies,” he said. “It’s not just the United States that needs Trump, the west needs Trump.”

Fourteen-month-old Liberty donned a hat to block Saturday’s sun with the stitching, “Obama you’re fired! Trump 2016” as her father, Clay Owen of Ferndale, carried her in line. Saturday was the toddler’s first rally, he said, and she’s been helping get out the vote.
I think he’s (Trump) going to be strong for our economy, he’s going to lock down our borders, keep the illegal immigration and the drugs from coming into this country and he’s going to be strong for our vets,” Owen said."....

Image caption, 5/7/16, Trump rally in Lynden, Washington, his second of the day in the state: "Clay Owen, of Ferndale, talks about why he supports Donald Trump," Seattle Times


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