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Monday, May 2, 2016

On election eve in Indiana, Trump has double digit lead at 44%, April 28 and 29, 2016 Gravis poll, live interviews, 379 Registered Likely Indiana Republican primary voters

Trump 44
Cruz 27
Kasich 9

April 28-29, 2016, 379 Registered Likely Indiana Republican primary voters, live phone interviews on landlines and mobile devices, 5% error margin

5/2/16, "Current Indiana Polling," Gravis Marketing

"Trump holds a double-digit lead over Ted Cruz according to a recent Gravis Marketing poll completed by phone surveys from April 28th to the 29th.

Gravis Marketing, one of the leading nonpartisan political research firms based in Winter Springs, Fla., conducted a random survey of 379 likely Republican Primary voters in Indiana. The Indiana poll results has a margin of error of ± 5% at a 95% confidence level. The total may not round to 100% because of rounding. The polls were conducted using live telephone calls to landlines and mobile phone numbers of registered voters in Indiana accessible through the Gravis Marketing compiled registered voter database and weighted by anticipated voting demographics.

The Gravis poll began by asking 379 Republican Primary voters whom 91 percent indicated they were likely to vote in the upcoming primary and six percent stating they have already voted, “Assuming you had to vote today, which 2016 GOP Candidate would you vote for?” With three candidates remaining on the ballot, front runner Donald Trump received 44 percent support from Hoosier State Republican and Independent voters that took place in the survey. Texas Senator Ted Cruz received 27 percent of the vote while John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio received the support of 9 percent of those surveyed. At the conclusion of data collection, 19 percent indicated they were still ‘uncertain’ as to which GOP candidate they’d select."...

Image from Gravis Marketing


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