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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Indiana Exit Polls, 5/3/16: Importance of immigration issue again distinguishes Trump from Cruz voters: Is 'Most Important Issue' to 65% of Trump voters, only 28% of Cruz voters, a 37 pt gap. 64% of Trump voters favor deporting illegal aliens, only 34% of Cruz voters do, a 30 pt gap. 66% of Trump voters angry about fed. gov., only 32% of Cruz voters are, a 34 pt gap-CNN Exit Polls

5/3/16, Indiana Republican Primary Exit Polls, CNN

1. Most Important Issue, 37 pt. gap, 65-28. 65% of Trump say immigration is most important issue, only 28% of Cruz voters say so.

2. Illegal immigrants working in the US should be deported: 30 pt. gap, 64-34, 64% of Trump voters say deport.


3. Worried About US economy, 'Very worried,' 16 pt. gap,  Trump voters more worried.

4. Feelings about federal government: Angry, 34 pt. gap, 66-32 Trump-Cruz. Cruz voters only about half as angry.

5. Was your vote for your candidate or against others? 27 pt. gap: Only 32% of Cruz voters voted for him; 59% of Trump voters voted for him:

6. Evangelical, Trump over Cruz, 50-43. Trump ahead by 7 pts.

7. Ideology, Trump has 20 pt. lead in largest group, Somewhat Conservative, 44% of voters:

8. Top candidate quality: 'Can Bring Change,' 40 point gap, Trump-Cruz, 65-25. Change very important for Trump voters, not so for Cruz voters, whose top quality was "shares my values:"


Added: Importance of immigration issue distinguished Trump from Cruz voters in earlier 2016 Republican primary states as well, per CNN exit polls, charts below. Was 'Most Important Issue' to Trump voters, much less so to Cruz voters:

Missouri 32 pt. gap, 
So. Carolina 26 pt. gap, 
No. Carolina 28 pt. gap, 
Florida 48 pt. gap, 
Ohio 55 pt. gap. 

Wisconsin was exception: Immigration concern zero among voters there for any candidate:

Tues., March 15, 2016, "Missouri Republican Exit Polls," CNN

Above: 63% of Trump voters say immigration is most important issue. Only 31% of Cruz voters say so, a 32 point gap

Above: Missouri "Falling behind," 48-32 Trump Cruz, 16 point gap


Sat., Feb. 20, 2016, "South Carolina Republican Primary Exit Polls," CNN

Above, Immigration: 51-25, Trump-Cruz (26 point gap)
Economy/jobs: 36-15, Trump Cruz (21 point gap)


March 15, 2016, "North Carolina Republican Exit Polls," CNN

Above: 59-31, Trump-Cruz, Immigration most important. (28 point gap)

Above: North Carolina "Falling Behind" 48-31, Trump-Cruz. 17 point gap


3/15/16, "Florida Republican Exit Polls," CNN

60% of Trump voters say "immigration" is most important issue. Only 12% of Cruz voters say so, a 48 point gap. More Trump-Cruz gaps: Economy/jobs, 43-13, 30 points; Terrorism, 48-19, 29 points


March 15, 2016, "Ohio Republican Exit Polls," CNN

Above, 68% of Trump voters say Immigration is most important issue. Only 13% of Cruz voters say so. 55 pt. gap.

Above, 51% of Ohio Trump voters "falling behind." Only 12% of Cruz voters are. 39 point gap.


Tues., April 5, 2016, "Wisconsin Republican Exit Polls," CNN

Immigration apparently not a concern to Wisconsin Republican primary voters. "N/A" for individual candidates in Exit poll:


Above, Immigration not "most important issue" to Wisconsin voters.

Above, on Trade with other countries, 54% of Cruz voters say it creates more US jobs, only 28% of Trump voters say so. They're about even that trade takes US jobs away.



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