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Sunday, May 1, 2016

After meeting Trump in Costa Mesa on April 28, Kambree Nelson is overcome describing the enormity of what he's doing for us

4/29/16, "Kambree Nelson, Co-Host of the Wayne Dupree show gets emotional as she describes her experience meeting Donald Trump in Costa Mesa, CA amidst violent anti-Trump riots." First six images below are screen shots from this video:

 Above, 4/28/16, Anarchists in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Above, 4/29/16, Costa Mesa rioters of course burned the American flag.

Above, 4/28/16, Costa Mesa anarchists surround car, block traffic, kick car.

Above, 4/28/16, Trump on foot as he crosses ditch to reach GOP event in Burlingame, Calif. after anarchists blocked his travel there by car.

Above, 4/28/16, Trump greets 18,000 supporters in Costa Mesa, Calif. AP: "The Pacific Amphitheatre in Orange County is filled to its capacity of about 18,000 for Donald Trump's rally in Southern California."

Above, 4/28/16, Trump speaking in Costa Mesa


Below, anarchist in Costa Mesa smashes police car:

Commenter to above, Sopan Deb: " Protestor? That's a law-breaking goon. In which universe is this a "protest"? 4h4 hours ago



Above, 4/28/16, Costa Mesa, "Police in riot gear form line to break up group of protesters, one with a Mexican flag, outside Trump's rally in Costa Mesa," Reuters, via CBS News

Above, 4/28/16, Costa Mesa, Calif. after Trump rally: "A protester waves a [Mexican] flag before a phalanx of police officers in riot gear," LA Times

Above, 4/28/16, Costa Mesa, After Trump rally in Costa Mesa, Calif., Anarchists smashed window of police car, OC Register

Above, 3/11/16, near Chicago Trump rally, Mexican flag and sombrero, Progressives shout "F**k Trump" at families walking in and out of Trump hotel in   



Above, 3/11/16, Chicago, Communist flag outside Trump rally in Chicago, "Anti-Trump Crowd Shows Communist Colors In Chicago, Literally" CNN video, You Tube

Above, 3/11/16, Trump Chicago rally cancelled, Bill Ayers says "we shut Trump down," Bill Ayers twitter. Mexican flag seen at :03


Below, anarchists at Trump rally in upstate NY: "Anarchist Network" members were at Trump rally in Poughkeepsie, NY, April 17, 2016:

Above, 4/17/16, Trump rally in Poughkeepsie, NY: "Protesters walk down Church Street to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie." Times Herald-Record. "Presidential candidate Donald Trump rally in Poughkeepsie," Sunday, April 17, 2016

Above, 4/28/16, "Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to a full Pacific Amphitheater on Thursday," OC Register


Kambree Nelson explained her love of this country and disgust with the GOP Establishment in a widely viewed video in Jan. 2016.



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