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Friday, February 5, 2016

Trump tops among New Hampshire Republican primary voters whose minds are made up, won't change, as of 2/5/16: Trump 74% sure, Rubio 47% sure-UMass Lowell poll

2/5/16, "UMass Lowell/7NewsDailyTracking Poll of New Hampshire Voters Release 5 of 8,"

page 7 of poll, Feb. 5, 2016

"Will you definitely vote for [candidate named] in the New Hampshire presidential primary or is there a chance you could change your mind and vote for someone else?"

Above, 53% of Rubio supporters 'could change mind,' only 26% of Trump supporters 'could change mind' as of 2/5/16.

Below, trends, Feb. 1-Feb. 5, 2016,'mind made up,' page 7:

As of 2/5/16, Trump has 19 point lead among likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters, UMass Lowell poll, page 6:

Trump 34

Rubio 15
Cruz 14
Bush 8
Kasich 8
Christie 5
Carson 4
Fiorina 3

Charts from UMass Lowell


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