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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Donald Trump at 1988 Republican National Convention, invited by GOP pres. hopeful George H.W. Bush. Larry King asks Trump if he's a Rockefeller or Bush Republican, Trump replies, 'No, the people I do best with drive the taxis'...

Aug. 1988, "Donald Trump Interview 1988 Republican convention," from New Orleans, Aug. 15-18, 1988, You Tube

Introduced by Mary Alice Williams

For those interested in Trump's political history and consistency, he described himself in 1988 (28 years ago) as a Republican who is well liked by taxi drivers but not very well liked by wealthy people:

At 1:05: Larry King asks Trump what kind of Republican he is, is he a Rockefeller Republican, is he a Bush Republican?: 

At 1:12: Trump: "No, I'm...the people that I'm really, the people that I do best with are the people who drive the taxis. You know, wealthy people don't like me, because I'm competing against them all the time...and I like to win."


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