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Friday, February 12, 2016

More than 10,000 rally for Trump in Tampa, Florida, USF Sun Dome, Fri., Feb. 12, 2016

Above, 2/12/16, Trump rally in Tampa, Florida, USF Sun Dome, pbs.

Above, 2/12/16, Trump rally in Tampa, Florida, " 11m11 minutes ago Absolutely packed house! Inside the USF SunDome

Above, 2/2/16, Trump rally in Tampa, Fla., "In reply to 32m32 minutes ago : Inside the USF SunDome

Left, 2/12/16, Trump rallier as Trump Wall, And this guy that asked me to take his picture as I left the Trump rally," Santucci, Washington Post reporter  

2/12/16, "Donald Trump rally draws more than 10,000 in Tampa," Orlando Sentinel, Bradenton Herald, Claire Aronson

Six photos below: AP, AP, Getty, AP, Getty, AP, via Orlando Sentinel, Trump Tampa rally:







Below, Sun Dome holds more than 10,000 people:


Above, 2/12/16, from Jenna Johnson twitter, Washington Post reporter

Above, 2/12/16, Trump ends with love. Jenna Johnson twitter, Washington Post reporter.


Comment: Why else would anyone go through the living hell of a campaign like this at his own expense? He's certainly not doing it with an eye on a K Street job after he's out of office. To the GOP donor class financing other candidates, the US southern border has long since been erased. Trump is the only one saying the terrible truth, "A nation without borders is not a nation." 

The Wall St. Journal has advocated open borders since at least 1984:

"We propose a five-word constitutional amendment: There shall be open borders." (parag. 5):
July 3, 1984, "REVIEW and OUTLOOK (Editorial): In Praise of Huddled Masses," Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition) (scroll down


Trump Tampa ralliers chant, "USA! USA! USA!" (click icon at lower right to hear the voices)

, Vine, Dan Scavino

Added: These polite, caring citizens chanting would be termed by the Wall St. Journal: 

"The nativist patriots screaming for “control of the borders.”...

From Diana West: Americans have been conditioned into silence:

8/18/15, "Trump: Giving Voice to the American "Subconscious"," Diana West

"To say the Media-Political Complex has really lost its cool over Donald Trump, also every marble, is barest understatement....

Before Trump, the American "subconscious," circa 2015, would never "originally think" a US border was possible, let alone a wall; immigration restriction was possible, let alone a halt; immigration law enforcement was possible; the deportation of illegal families was possible; restoration of American citizenship as a privilege, not a stolen good, was possible; jobs for Americans were possible; and the rest. Donald Trump, bless him, has changed the American subconscious, giving voice to Americans long conditioned into silence by this same Media-Political Complex. And there is nothing, but nothing, they can do about it now."  


Added: Voting ballots were mailed out this week in Florida:

2/12/16, "Thousands flock to see Trump in Tampa," wzvn tv, abc, Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte

The political spotlight is on Florida, thanks to the arrival of the star of the Republican Party in Tampa.
Donald Trump is expected to draw thousands to a rally at the University of South Florida's Sun Dome, including many who've made their way from points across the state.

"Trump is supporting the community," said Janola Smith, who was the first person in line early Friday. "And I am for the community."

"Looking at the other candidates," said Bob Myers, "I just felt he was the most qualified."

Smith and Myers joined a raucous flock decked out in Trump attire from ties to socks, and their man's arrival coincides nicely with the start of official voting in Florida – thanks to mailed-out ballots that started reaching homes this week.  

"Mr. Trump is saying he's going to make America great again," said David Tamm, "and I believe he is telling the truth."

The Florida GOP primary is March 15."...



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