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Thursday, February 11, 2016

10,000 rally for Trump in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Feb. 11, 2016


Above, 2/11/16, Donald Trump rally "at the Baton Rouge River Center," The Advocate

Above, 2/11/16, Trump rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
" 27m27 minutes ago THANK YOU- Baton Rouge, Louisiana! WE will ! Donald J. Trump twitter 


Citation for crowd of 10,000:

2/11/16, "Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump rallies massive Baton Rouge crowd," The Advocate, Elizabeth Crisp


Above, 2/11/16, Trump greeted by supporters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: "Presidential candidate Donald Trump, bottom center, is greeted by a mob of fans and supporters at a campaign stop at the Baton Rouge River Center on Thursday, February 11, 2016. {Photo by Chris Granger, | The Times-Picayune)"


Added: Trump policy details: In just a few minutes, commenters to Trump 2/11/16 Baton Rouge speech hear Trump positions on three major issues, Israel, Common Core, and US global military intervention (Trump would reduce it, make it less compulsive than it is now). These aren't new, Trump has stated these views and others repeatedly for months in speeches. I note it here for those interested. Via, "Donald Trump Rally Baton Rouge Louisiana – 8:00pm EST Live Stream," The Conservative Treehouse:


"woohoowee says:
Trump: More respect is paid to Iran than to Israel."


"woohoowee says:
Trump: Common Core is dead.
Crowd: Big Cheers!"


"georgiafl says:
No more US ‘Noblesse Oblige’ – no more protecting other countries for free.

No Keystone Pipeline without paying us a percentage of the profits.

Trump will wipe out the debt in short order."


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