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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rupert Murdoch announces his Republican debate favorites on twitter while persons on his payroll were still 'moderating' the alleged GOP debate

11/10/15, 45 minutes before the end of the Republican debate being moderated by Rupert Murdoch employees and sponsored by Murdoch properties Fox Business News and Wall St. Journal, Rupert Murdoch placed the following on his twitter account:

" 2h2 hours ago

Great debate. All did well, Carson, Bush, others did well, perhaps Rubio best of all. With all doing well Trump did not stand out like past"


11/10/15, "Post GOP Debate – Open Discussion…," The Conservative Treehouse, sundance

"45 minutes prior to the end of the Republican debate the owner of Fox Broadcasting and Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch, tweeted this out:

It would appear the Wall Street goal
to use Marco Rubio as a vessel toward a GOPe nominee delivering a Clinton/Bush ticket is clearly underway."...


Murdoch tweet noted by MediaIte:

11/10/15, "Murdoch Praises Christie, Rubio on Debates, Says Trump ‘Did Not Stand Out’,"
"Rupert Murdoch tweeted some positive thoughts about a bunch of the Republican candidates tonight. Donald Trump was not among them"...


Spotlight on Rupert Murdoch employees:

11/9/15, "GOP Debate Shines Light on Fox Business," AP, David Bauder
"Bartiromo, Cavuto of Fox Business Network on spot as moderators of next GOP debate."
"Fox Business Network's Maria Bartiromo, one of the moderators for Tuesday's Republican presidential debate... [and] FBN's Neil Cavuto and Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker will guide the two-hour discussion starting at 9 p.m. EDT."...


Comment: Since the owner of Fox News and Wall St. Journal decides who wins presidential debates, and therefore who becomes the GOP nominee, why not cancel the primaries?

10/12/15, "Is it True Donald Trump Cannot Win the Presidency?" NY Times, David Leonhard

"No modern candidate has received a major-party nomination — and perhaps no candidate in American history — while being opposed by the party’s elites: donors, media figures, politicians and others.

Elite support matters because they have the ability to shape public opinion through endorsements, public criticism and other means....
What’s fascinating about Mr. Trump is that he has, if anything, endured harsher criticism, and yet he has also remained atop the polls for longer."...


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