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Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's nearly impossible to find jihadists among migrants, Greek authorities warn-AFP

2015, Greece, AFP

11/21/15, "'Nearly impossible' to find jihadists among migrants, Greeks warn," AFP, by Odile Duperry, Catherine Boitard, Lesbos, Greece

"As the hunt for jihadists widens after last week's Paris attacks, authorities in Greece warn it was virtually impossible to pick out dangerous extremists among arriving migrants, without prior intelligence.

"If they are not already registered in the database, it's nearly impossible," says Dimitris Amountzias, police captain in charge of Moria, Greece's main registration camp on the island of Lesbos.

At the camp, dozens of migrants and refugees queue to give their fingerprints, have a photo taken and be quizzed by agents from European border agency Frontex.

It's a seemingly detailed security check, but jihadists have already proven they can bypass it with ease."...

[Ed. note: Sept. 2015 NPR interview with Lesbos, Greece, resident who gave her own children's clothes to child migrants as they came ashore, told interviewer she can show you many passports and identity papers ripped up by "migrants" as soon as their boat touched Lesbos. Meaning they weren't Syrian. Claiming to be Syrian gets you to Europe faster.]

(continuing): "The suspected architect of the Paris attacks that killed 130 people, 28-year-old Abdelhamid Abaaoud, escaped from Europe to Syria and returned without being detected

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve this week suggested Abaaoud, who was killed in a police raid in Paris on Wednesday, had passed through Greece.

Athens denied this on Friday. "Until today, no source has provided any evidence to confirm this claim," the Greek citizen's protection ministry said in a statement.

Greek police were looking for Abaaoud in Athens in January, after a Belgian police raid in the eastern town of Verviers broke up a cell planning attacks.

At the time, a cellphone was found to have made calls to the Verviers group from Greece.

Greece extradited to Belgium a 33-year-old Algerian man arrested in a raid in the Athens district of Pangrati, but Abaaoud was never found.

"The unchecked flow poses an unequaled challenge for European security," said a European security expert speaking on condition of anonymity.

- 'We don't really know' -

Still, it was thanks to Greece's fingerprints database -- and a passport found near the scene of the attack -- that French and Greek authorities were able to determine that one of the men who blew himself up outside the Stade de France on November 13 had registered himself as Syrian refugee Ahmad al-Mohammad on the island of Leros on October 3."...

[Ed. note: "Still?" The fingerprints merely identified him after he participated in global jihad.]

(continuing): "On Friday, French prosecutor Francois Molins said a second Stade de France bomber had passed through Greece posing as a migrant.

The Greek police did not immediately react to the announcement. Amountzias insists his officers are doing their best under the current guidelines.

"There isn't a single officer here who would let a migrant through without first taking their fingerprints," he insists."...

[Ed. note: The taking of fingerprints in Greece per se can't prevent global jihad. It's not Greece's fault, just how it is.]

(continuing): "Junior interior minister Nikos Toskas took a similar stance on Friday during an emergency ministerial meeting in Brussels.

"External borders are checked...the refugees are checked and identified under European rules," Toskas said.

One fail-safe is that migrants cannot buy ferry tickets off the island without undergoing police registration, Amountzias said."...

[Ed. note: "Fail-safe?" How does registering with Greek police prevent global jihad?]

(continuing): "But those looking to give the police the slip can also obtain fake Greek documents, with criminal syndicates doing a brisk business in supplying migrants with fake papers and police registration documents. A gang of suspected forgers, most of them Pakistanis, were arrested on Lesbos on Wednesday.

"We don't really know who is coming through," admits another police officer, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Even if Syrians generally carry passports it's not always possible to match the document to its bearer, and people of other nationalities "are registered on the basis of who they claim to be," the officer adds.

- 'Greeks' in South America -

Syrians with falsified Greek passports have even ended up in South America
Five Syrian men were caught in Honduras this week, while a woman was arrested in Costa Rica with a suspicious Greek passport.

Ideally, Europe should coordinate its crime suspect database, says Amontzias, because without prior knowledge, officials spend time chasing down false leads.

France has asked the European Union to ensure better information-sharing among intelligence agencies.

"Contrary to what is thought, it is quite easy to enter and exit the European Union without being caught," says French criminologist Christophe Naudin....

Greece's junior interior minister for migration Yiannis Mouzalas last week insisted heightened security concerns should not jeopardise the rights of refugees to safety in Europe.

"There could be more (jihadists)... are we supposed to toss 100,000 people in the sea?" he asked."...

[Ed. note: No, globalist Minister, you're "supposed to" use your influence to ensure mass exodus of 100,000+ people from their homeland doesn't become necessary in the first place. The idea that we're mean racists who'll "toss 100,000 people in the sea" is the precision weapon the US political class and globalist billionaires figured would expedite our genocide. We're forced to eat an entire basket of apples--two of which are known to be poisonous. When we object, we're called racists.]
(continuing): "More than 650,000 migrants and refugees have reached the Greek islands so far in 2015 using the eastern Mediterranean route from Turkey, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said earlier this month. Of those, over 500 have died, including many children."

Sept. 2015 NPR interview with Lesbos, Greece resident about constant arrival of migrants:

9/22/15, "Greek Hotel Owner On Refugees: 'These Could Have Been My Children',", transcript

"NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with Aphrodite Vati Mariola in Molyvos, Lesbos Island, Greece, about the daily arrival of boats on the beaches just below her family's hotel."...

[Ed. note: The gracious and articulate Ms. Mariola tells NPR she has taken her own children's clothes and given them to children arriving by boat. NPR asks the Greek mother who works in the family hotel business if seeing the boat people will cause her to abandon her present living dealing with the "comfortable and well off" and make the arriving boat people her new mission in life. Ms. Mariola informs the NPR host of many people getting off boats on Lesbos, "
I can give you a whole bunch of torn up identity cards, passports. People from different countries are tearing up their passports, literally....That means they're trying to assume a new identity....A lot of people are trying to assume, you know, the identity of a Syrian in order to be able to get into Europe easier." The lady says they could be anyone from anywhere, which "is scary to us." NPR nevertheless thinks it's logical that the gracious Greek lady think about giving up her income earning job which provides food and shelter for herself and her children to devote herself to helping the global population transfer. If the lady has little or no income and she and her children become homeless, how does that help boat people?]

(continuing): NPR: "MCEVERS:...Your family has built a business--built a life, really, catering to tourists, presumably people who are comfortable and well off. And now you find yourselves working with and helping a whole different type of people. I mean, do you feel like your mission in life has changed now?

MARIOLA: (Laughter). Well, this is something that has been thrust upon us so we had no choice in the matter.


MARIOLA: It's changed our daily routine 100 percent. It's changed our concept of what society is, what a community is, what humanity is. We are facing many difficulties on many different levels, and it's from the most basic problem such as how to help the basic needs of these people the moment they come out. It's facing our own internal, let's say, turmoil - how we feel about the situation. Because in the one sense, we want to help. In the other sense, it's a feeling also of invasion because this is our home, and so suddenly we have hundreds and hundreds of people here, and we don't know who they are. I feel it would be very naive to say that aren't some shady figures passing on through into Europe.


MARIOLA: If you come to our (hotel) reception, I can give you a whole bunch of torn up identity cards, passports. People from different countries are tearing up their passports, literally. And to me, that means they're trying to assume a new identity. I think a lot of people are trying to assume, you know, the identity of a Syrian in order to be able to get into Europe easier. And this is scary to us because we don't know - are there any hidden agendas here, or is it just because you're looking for a better life? In my case, all I can say is that when a boat arrives, we just can't not go and help. And we're just dealing with it. We're putting out fires. We're not providing a solution, though, to this problem.

MCEVERS: Aphrodite Vati Mariola, thank you very much for talking to us.

MARIOLA: Thank you for everything.

MCEVERS: That was Aphrodite Vati Mariola, speaking her family's hotel on the island of Lesbos, Greece."...


Related: Growing border and safety concerns:

Unintended consequence of ISIS is peoples' increased and legitimate concern about borders: "a political nightmare for the statist bureaucrats who have been working for decades" without being hindered by annoying little things like the will of the people."...

11/17/15, "Is this the end of the E.U.?" CNBC, Jake Novak, commentary

"It's always the things you don't expect that get you. After banking scandals, currency issues, and a Greek/Portugese/Spanish debt crisis just about every six months, the economic and political partnership that is the European Union seems much more likely to fall apart for an entirely different reason after all. That reason is ISIS.
The direct cause is actually an extremely divisive and growing dispute about open borders, immigration, and refugee resettlement. But that conflict just became a lot more serious thanks to the horrific ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night. Now, this discussion has grown and migrated, (pun intended), from a political debate among E.U. elites to the #1 pressing issue on the streets of Europe. When relatively smaller economic nations like Hungary began closing their borders to migrants and Syrian refugees last month, it could be written off as perhaps an isolated incident.
But all bets are off now that France is closing its borders in response to the attacks, even if it is just temporarily. That's because in so doing, President Francois Hollande has unambiguously connected the border issue with the effort to fight the spread of terror. 
It's so obvious that even the most politically uninterested person can see what it means. And just in case the message still isn't entirely clear to everyone, one of the major stories in Europe today is about how the alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, boasted in videos about how easily he crisscrossed the borders of the E.U. for years

This is a political nightmare for the statist bureaucrats who have been working for decades to reduce true representative democracy all for the goal of a unified and monolithic economic entity without worrying about being hindered by annoying little things like the will of the people. Before these attacks and the border response, the E.U. simply glossed over dissent and most attempts to challenge its un-elected sovereignty. Its best weapon in that fight has always been using the accusations of racism and xenophobia against those who refused to integrate and obey the E.U. fully and quickly enough in all matters of economics, immigration, and tax law.

With a mostly compliant state-sponsored news media on its side, the "racist" and "xenophobic" label has been used the most against Britain's anti-E.U. UKIP party more and more in recent years. UKIP does keep gaining in popularity in the U.K., but it still has to fight very hard to beat back those scare tactic accusations.
But what do the people who spread accusations of racism and xenophobia do now that more Europeans than ever believe their governments are sacrificing their safety in favor of remaining compliant with E.U. immigration dogma? The simple answer is that they're in trouble, and no amount of sanctimonious shaming or economic threats will do much good when the majority of the public doesn't feel safe anymore."...     

Comment: It's not about migrants or what remains of Greece. It's about us. We're being "difficult." We object to our genocide by the US political class and globalist billionaires whose only interest is an endless flow of cheap labor:  "Migration...was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations “however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states”." Jan. 2015 article:

European governments "are actively promoting the destruction of their own societies, in the interests of globalisation and the elimination of national identities and cultures."

1/7/15, "The European Civil War: Elites vs People in a Fight for Survival," Gerald Warner, Breitbart London

"Europe is in a state of war: specifically, a civil war between the self-appointed elites who have destroyed much of the continent’s freedom, culture and prosperity and the insurgent populations they have deceived and enslaved. This is a war to the death; only one side can survive the outcome....

The people of Germany, like those of many other European countries, are feeling increasingly desperate about the imposition upon them of mass immigration – an inflow that is unending and which is largely composed of Muslims who are hostile to Christianity and the indigenous culture.

Well, you might think, that is a serious situation; but fortunately Germany is a representative democracy and when citizens make their concerns known to their representatives,
the government will surely take steps to help them. Not so. German Chancellor Angela Merkel used her New Year's Eve address to vilify her fellow citizens in the Pegida movement who are protesting against the Islamisation of the West.

According to their chancellor, these people who simply wish to live in a country that is recognisably Germany “have prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts”. Yet the number of asylum seekers in Germany rose to 200,000 in the past year – quadruple the figure for 2012 – and immigration reached a 20-year high. There are similar situations across Europe.

But the governments of Germany, Britain and other EU states are not simply behaving incompetently and allowing their populations to be overrun through their ineptness. On the contrary, they are actively promoting the destruction of their own societies, in the interests of globalisation and the elimination of national identities and cultures.

Merkel has mobilised all the forces at her disposal in an attempt to suppress the incipient rebellion against liberal totalitarianism. All the usual suspects have rallied to the regime: the state broadcaster, Germany’s legacy parties, the financial establishment, the churches…The Catholic Church, whose adherents are the victims of mass murder in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria and every other country where jihadism is running rampant, switched off the lights of Cologne Cathedral to obscure the Pegida marchers who are trying to prevent a further influx of Muslims into Europe.

Turkeys voting for Christmas? Yes, because senior clerics in Germany are concerned only with trousering the massive handouts the government lavishes on registered denominations: rendering unto Caesar is the priority of organised religion in Germany. What Frau Merkel wants, she gets.

Naturally, Rentamob has organised counter-demonstrations, the ones that will be given prominence by the BBC. Violent leftists are trying to prevent the Pegida marches from spreading beyond Dresden to the rest of Germany, where polls show one German in three would like to join them. It is the Marxist and Anarchist thugs’ responsibility to prevent that, at all costs, by intimidation.

The establishment will try to laugh off the notion that such disparate elements as politicians, bankers and far leftists could be engaged in a joint enterprisea crazed conspiracy theory, surely? Consider, then, the remarks made by Peter Sutherland, the “Father of Globalisation”, Bilderberg organiser and uber-Europhile to a House of Lords committee in 2012.

Migration, the Well-Lunched One declared, was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations “however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states”. Declining populations in countries like Germany was the “key argument” for “the development of multicultural states”. He condemned Europeans “who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others. And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

That is plain speaking. A member of the innermost elite confirms the EU’s role as undermining homogeneity. Europe, formerly the most civilised entity in the world, is to be subsumed into a globalised pool of cheap labour exploited by large corporations and regulated by bureaucrats. All distinctive culture, national identity, the Judaeo-Christian ethic and everything that contributed so greatly to human civilisation are to be expunged in favour of profit for the few and state regulation for the many.

Such soft totalitarianism might seem less frightening than Nazism or Communism, but the end product will be in every way as nightmarish. It must be defeated. Until now, the populations of Britain, Germany and other EU states have behaved like somnambulists, passively accepting the projected New Order.

The one consolation is that some people, though still only a minority, are waking up. The movements expressing their concerns – Pegida, UKIP and others – are Davids facing the Goliath of EU totalitarianism. The forces ranged against them are massive and endowed with all the resources of the state and plutocracy. Yet they are the only hope of saving the nations of Europe from cultural extinction. Their one potential strength is popular support. Will you be with them?"




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