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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mike Lee of Utah joins long line of Rockefeller Republicans who refuse to accept results that the hated Republican voters give them

In the tradition popularized by Nelson Rockefeller, when Establishment Republicans lose a primary or a convention, they simply refuse to unite behind the voters' choice and devote themselves to sabotaging the candidate legitimately elected by the people.

10/8/16, Among Free Republic comments to Mike Lee calling for Trump to "step aside:"

"To: Sub-Driver 

What Americans need to realize is that this attack is not about taking out Trump, even though he is the necessary catalyst, it is an attack to take down our movement to make America work for Americans. Every entity that benefits from the status quo from the GOPe, the grifting Marxist Democrats, the leftist press,

foreign corporations, 
sovereign wealth funds, 
crony capitalists, 
open border profiteers,

have been trying to cripple anyone who threatens their power and money. Trump is in the vanguard taking all the flack and we just need to coalesce around Trump to win. Once we win through Trump and our efforts come to fruition , then we can take a time to evaluate our next step and who our leaders will be. I am pretty sure that Trump will still be one of them.
I myself thank God that I am not important enough to be recorded 24x7 as I have said crap about many things that I would be embarrassed about if they were on tape. And remember the press is digging up every bit of dirt on Trump and suppressing all the dirt on Hillary. If you are dumb enough to fall for the selective reporting trick then you deserve everything the libtard give you and I hope that the quislings get it good and hard.

58 posted on 10/8/2016, 2:28:20 AM by WMarshal (Trump 2016)"



1/8/2013, The Sabotage Republicans,” by Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

"Up until now (Nov. 2013) not much has been made of the long, disgraceful trait of Establishment Republicans to demand party unity — unless they lose a primary or a convention. In which case they simply refuse to unite behind the winning conservative. And  

deliberately, with malice aforethought —

actively seek to sabotage that conservative....

The fact here is that sabotaging conservatives is built into the DNA of the GOP Establishment. Unable to win themselves a considerable bit of the time — and then continuing to move the country left when they do win, just not as fast and so much better managed don’t you know — they have never ever changed....

The Republican Party has two serious problems on its hands. 

The first is with those like Eric Cantor’s ex-chief of staff who are invited into leadership positions in the party — when they in fact are not conservatives at all and quietly or openly seek to sabotage the party.

The second is with those Establishment Republicans who do manage to win — and then see their job as merely managing the leftist status quo.... 

That is the Republican Party’s real problem. And it’s a big one."


Comment: Rush Limbaugh has said that the GOP Establishment simply wants Democrat voters to be their voters. (Which makes sense considering GOP E and Democrats have the same views: both are extreme globalists, favor massive free trade deals, open borders, endless foreign wars, and weaponizing the world. The US political establishment is the greatest force for creating human misery the world has ever known.)


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