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Monday, October 17, 2016

Washington Post says if you've been 'left behind' by 'globalization' and the 'magic' of its trade deals and feel 'resentment,' you're committing sedition (a crime) against the US government

The Washington Post says if you've been "left behind" by the "magic" of "globalization," and feel "resentment" you're committing sedition (a crime) against the US government:

 10/12/16, "Raising barriers: a new age of walls," Washington Post, Samuel Granados, Zoeann Murphy, Kevin Schaul, Anthony Faiola 

"A generation ago, globalization shrank the world. Nations linked by trade and technology began to erase old boundaries. But now barriers are rising again, driven by waves of migration, spillover from wars and the growing threat of terrorism."

"In many ways, the barrier-building is being driven by fear. Most of the new walls are being erected within the European Union, which until recently was nearly borderless....Intended to counter migrants and terrorist attacks, these moves are not limited to Europe. In the Middle East, Tunisia is erecting a desert barrier with lawless Libya to insulate itself from unrest and an Islamic State-led insurgency. 

In Asia, India and Burma are encircling Bangladesh with hundreds of miles of razor wire

Today, barriers on these 63 borders divide nations across four continents.... 

Even as globalization was working its magic on trade, mobility and investment, a seditious resentment was brewing among those left behind."... 

[Ed. note:  Definition of sedition: Merriam-Webster: "The crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government." 

By use of the word "seditious," the Washington Post defines as criminals: Americans who've been sold out ("left behind") by their own elected representatives via the "magic" of "globalization" and feel "resentment" about it.]

(continuing): "In the United States, Donald Trump’s call to build a wall is dividing Americans and worrying anxious migrants, nowhere more so than in dusty cantinas and lively migrant shelters in the arid reaches of the U.S.-Mexico border region."... 

[Ed. note: "Lively" migrant shelters?]

 (continuing): "That (US-Mexico) international border stretches 1,989 miles, but for now fences line only about 700 miles. The idea of building a barrier is not new; the first 14-mile stretch, jutting eastward from the Pacific Ocean, dates to 1993.... 

The numbers are clear: In 2015, work started on more new barriers around the world than at any other point in modern history. There are now 63 borders where walls or fences separate neighboring countries."...  


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