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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trump volunteer in Southern Ohio was told by local GOP office today (Oct. 15) not to mention Trump during his efforts, just talk about down ticket candidates. Florida Trump volunteer had same experience with GOP personnel ***But 140,000 doors were knocked in Ohio today, Oct. 15 by Trump supporters***

"BuckeyeForTrump says:

"tellthetruth2016 says:
October 15, 2016 at 8:51 pm 

This is happening in Florida and many other states also, GOP candidates are using TRUMP campaign headquarters to get themselves elected ….I was practically thrown Out of TRUMP office because I did not want Rubio yard signs……The ONLY reason the woman was volunteering was to help Rubio……. I did email TRUMP people to let them know BUT, I’m sure they know what their own party is doing…….TRUMP is fighting from ALL sides, I hope and pray when our man, TRUMP is President, these tactics come back to slap them in the face…"…

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10/15/16, "Enough is Enough – Team Trump Severed Ties With Kasich’s Ohio GOPe Chairman"…tcth, posted on by  

"The last straw in a long road fraught with tenuous relationships was last week when Ohio establishment GOPe Chairman Matt Borges joined CNN to rail against Donald Trump. Even as Team Trump gathered a large tent of support, Borges and the Kasich team continued the sketchy undermining the Trump campaign all year…..Enough eventually became Enough – Donald Trump’s Ohio campaign manager on Saturday renounced its relationship with Borges."...


Ohio GOP Establishment offices empty, 10/15/16, 24 days before national election:

Above, 10/15/16, "This is EXACTLY why opened independent offices in Ohio! GOP HQ is EMPTY on a Saturday 24 days before election,"


10/15/16, 140,000 doors knocked today in Ohio by Trump supporters:


Above, 10/15/16, "Incredible ! 140,000 doors knocked today in Ohio! is a movement!!!   


Comment: This is happening because there's no money in being for America first. Big money corporations have global interests, the first of which is cheap labor. Both political parties have the same 'America last' globalist agenda: massive free trade deals, open borders, constant military interventions in foreign countries, and, when they feel like it, "decreeing the death of nations" via "regime change" as they cavalierly did in Libya (we came; we saw; he died.")

"Americans are said to be ignorant of the world.... Our ignorance is more dangerous, because we act on it. The United States has the power to decree the death of nations. It can do so with popular support because many Americans — and many journalists — are content with the official story."...Feb. 18, 2016, "The media are misleading the public on Syria," Boston Globe, Stephen Kinzer, opinion

Added: In the beginning of the video below assembled by a Trump fan are recent examples of violence trying to prevent us from having a voice. In the video Trump says our economy is run by corporations who mainly want cheap labor. (Trump has said he took advantage of this himself but over many years it has wrecked our country and he wants to stop it)


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