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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Trump preferred in Montana by all age groups, both males and females, all education levels, Montana poll, Oct. 3-10, 2016. Plurality in Montana say government is most important problem facing US today, ahead of both terrorism and economy-Montana State Billings poll

Trump 43
Hillary 27
Johnson 7
Stein 2
Oct. 3-10, 2016, 590 adult Montanans, 48 male, 51 female, 70% cell phone, 48R, 28D, 16 Ind. (p. 32). Error margin 4% (p. 4)

Oct. 2016, "Montana Poll 2016," Montana State University Billings

p. 16, Trump is favored by plurality of both males and females: Trump: 50% of males, 37% of females. Hillary: 33% of females, 22% of males

p. 16, "Education: A plurality of respondents among all education groups supports Trump.

p. 16, "Age: A plurality of respondents among all age groups supports Trump." 


p. 11, If voting for House candidate today, Republican candidate would be preferred over Democrat candidate 45-27

p. 12, If voting for State Senate candidate today, Republican candidate would be preferred over Democrat candidate 44-25.


p. 15, Impact of ObamaCare on Montana:

22% positive
58% negative
12% neither positive nor negative 


p. 18, "Approval of US Congress:"

12% approve
73% disapprove


p. 20, "Most important problem facing US today:"

1. Government (15%)
Tied for second place:
2. Terrorism and Economy (13%)


p. 21, Should undocumented immigrants without criminal record be allowed to say in US?

Yes 42

No 48

p. 29, In general how involved should US be in foreign conflicts and crises?

Very involved 10% (down from 16.5% in 2015) 
Involved in limited way 75%
Not involved 12% (up from 7.4% in 2015) 

"None of the demographic variables (gender, ideology, party ID, income, education, and age) are statistically significant." 
"This report summarizes the results of a statewide random sample telephone survey of 590 adult Montanans. 70% of the survey respondents were contacted via cellphone and 30% were contacted via landlines. The sample was acquired from Marketing Systems Group. The poll was conducted from October 3-10, 2016." Image above from Montana poll


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