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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trump leads by 2 points in Florida, 44-42, in new Bloomberg Florida poll, Oct. 21-24, 2016. Including over sample, 22% of 953 likely Florida voters polled are Hispanic

Trump 44
Hillary 42
Johnson  4
Stein 2

(Question: For whom would you vote today, or for whom did you vote?)

Oct. 21-24, 2016, (Fri-Mon.) 953 likely Florida voters including 148 oversample of likely Hispanic voters (for a total of 212 likely Hispanic voters, 22% of the 953 total, p. 5). Land lines and cell phones. 46 male, 54 female (+8 female). Error margin on full sample 3.2, error margin on Hispanic sample 6.7. "In order to look more closely at Hispanic voters, an oversample of 148 likely voters identified as Hispanic on the Florida registered voter list was conducted, leading to a total of 212 likely Hispanic voters." On regular sample:  67 white, 12 black, 14 Hispanic, 1 Asian, 3 other. Political affiliation (D, R, Ind.), p. 4.
10/26/16, "Bloomberg Politics Florida Poll," Selzer and Company


Added: En Espanol? Candidate's ability to speak Spanish is virtually meaningless to Florida likely Democrat voters:

page 4, "asked only of [Hillary] Clinton supporters":

"Is Tim Kaine’s ability to speak Spanish a factor in your decision about which presidential ticket to vote for, or is it not a factor? (Asked only of Clinton supporters, n=415.) 

8 Is a factor 

89 Is not a factor

3 Not sure"


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