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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Globalist GOP Establishment's single purpose is getting rid of Republican voters. GOP study found it needs to get Democrat voters. That would be 'Christmas morning' for 'em (Limbaugh)-Washington Post, March 2016

"Christmas Morning": That's what it would be for the GOP E if they got a different voting base: "That is the way they're thinking....All they gotta do is throw away their base. That's Christmas morning for 'em." Rush Limbaugh, 10/13/2013

March 2016 Washington Post

3/15/16, "Rubio’s demise marks the last gasp of the Republican reboot," Washington Post, Robert Costa, Philip Rucker, West Miami, Fla.

""Those very elegant papers it published and conferences it held may have been good and smart, but they didn’t really matter,” said William J. Bennett, a conservative talk-show host and former education secretary in Ronald Reagan’s administration. Instead, everyone who’s been prominent for the last 15 to 20 years finds themselves getting pushed out.”...

Following Romney’s defeat in an election many Republicans thought they should have won, party leaders concluded the only way to regain the presidency would be to engage the growing and diverse electorate that President Obama had won over twice. The RNC drafted an “autopsy” that recommended bolstering appeals to women and minority voters."...

Oct. 2013 Rush Limbaugh transcript: "All they gotta do is throw away their base. That's Christmas morning for 'em."

10/16/2013, "GOP Seeks to Rid Itself of the Tea Party," Rush Limbaugh transcript

"There will be a fast move in Republican circles to push "comprehensive immigration reform," to go all-in now.  I can't tell you what the Republicans think they're gonna achieve, except this: I really do believe that some of this is oriented toward driving the conservatives out of the party.  I really think some of this is oriented toward the Republicans actually seeking to get rid of their conservative base.

Even if it takes 15 years in the wilderness to rebuild a new base of people who don't embarrass them, of people who are of the right temperament. Maybe that's what they're willing to do. Maybe they've got commitments from their donors to keep 'em afloat if they just get rid of some of these wacko right-wing extremists. "We'll just go all-in here. We'll try to put together a new base of really responsible moderate, temperate, independent-type American voters.

"We'll go out, we'll expand our demographics, we'll get a lot of Hispanics doing this, by throwing away the Tea Party, and we'll get a lot of women voters coming back. We'll throw away our base, and we'll get the transgender and the lesbian, gay, bisexual groups, we'll go out and get the Indians that are ticked off at the Redskins. We'll get them! We'll come out against that, and pretty soon we're gonna own the country."

That is the way they're thinking, and all they gotta do to bring all that off? All they gotta do is throw away their base. That's Christmas morning for 'em.  Now, the Democrats never stop whipping up their base. Have you noticed? There's never any pressure on the Democrats to get rid of their base, and you never hear Democrats ripping in their base. You never hear the Democrats acting embarrassed -- and believe me, their base is genuine Looney Tunes. Their base lives and workers in asylums.

But the Democrats never act embarrassed by 'em, never act like they want to get rid of 'em. They never, ever do anything other than whip them up, keep them engaged, and turn them out. Meanwhile, the Republicans are tamping their base down. Why? 'Cause the Democrats don't like their (the Republicans') base, and it's more important to be liked by the Democrats within the establishment, I guess, than it is to have the current base they've got."...



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