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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trump holds rallies in both Florida and Pennsylvania today, working hard to win the election. Romney on this day 4 years ago was relaxing on the beach-which makes sense considering he had no desire to run for president or to be president, would've been ecstatic to step aside, per his son Tagg to Boston Globe

Following from Dec. 2012 Boston Globe:
12/22/2012, The story behind Mitt Romney’s loss in the presidential campaign to President Obama," Boston Globe, Michael Kranish
"“He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire, said Tagg (Romney's son), who worked with his mother, Ann, to persuade his father to seek the presidency.If he could have found someone else to take his place...he would have been ecstatic to step aside.""...(parag. 15)

Added: Trump holds rallies in both Tampa and Pittsburgh on June 11, 2016:
6/11/16, "I doubt you could find a more apropos contrast than today with Donald Trump campaigning in Tampa Florida and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, while the insufferable old GOPe represented by Mitt Romney hole up in an exclusive and indulgent mountain top enclave….while decrying the audacity of the vulgarian insurgency....
He’s effectively won the nomination. The convention still a month away. It’s mid June, and yet there’s Trump busting his butt on the campaign trail, visiting key battleground states and fighting for every possible voter.

On this exact day four years earlier, presumptive republican nominee Mitt Romney was taking a few weeks off, lounging and relaxing at the spa amid the white wine spritzer crowd– having determined the visits to the unwashed masses were no longer necessary.

Not Donald Trump. Not 2016.  Not this guy…Our candidate is sweating his ass off fighting against every possible adversary while the ankle biting Romney loyalists sip summer cocktails chilled with frozen artesian rain water." 

Comment: Romney ran a con game for the Establishment. His son basically admits this without fear of consequence. Why isn't Romney in jail? Americans who didn't have the cash to spare gave it to him because they were desperate to save this country. Romney took the money but had no intention of saving this country. He hasn't apologized to the country for running a fraud. He hasn't returned the money to struggling Americans. He hasn't had the decency to retire from the public stage in disgrace. The media loves "Republicans" who've lost or are guaranteed to lose if they ever ran again.

Added: The GOP has been peacefully overthrown. They're lucky it was peaceful, says Mike Huckabee: 
3/4/16, ""Overthrow of the government,”" Canada Free Press, Joan Swirsky

Below, in May 2012, Romney thought Trump was fine when he held a Las Vegas fundraiser for him:



5/30/2012, "Inside Romney and Trump's Las Vegas Fundraiser," Sarah Huisenga, National Journal, Las Vegas, Nevada 

Comment: Romney apparently didn't think Trump was so bad in 2012.


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