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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trump has 9 point lead over Hillary in Utah, June 8-17, 2016, 614 Utah registered voters, Dan Jones poll, leads overall and among independent voters. Utah men favor Trump by 23 points over Hillary who has a 5 pt. lead among women

Trump 36
Hillary 27
Johnson (Libertarian) 10


Independent voters

Trump 28
Hillary 24 
Johnson 15

This is the first Utah survey that includes both Libertarian and Green candidates. Utah men favor Trump by 23 points, 43-20, more than double Hillary. Hillary has 5 point lead among Utah women. 'Very active' Mormons favor Trump 42-14, 'Somewhat active' Mormons favor Trump 42-15.

June 8-17, 2016 poll, 614 Utah registered voters, 3.95 error margin. No link to poll, methodology not stated.

6/21/16, "Poll: Donald Trump Has a Nine-Point Lead on Hillary Clinton in Utah,", Bryan Schott

"A new survey gives the presumptive GOP nominee a 9-point lead over Democratic foe Hillary Clinton.

The survey, conducted by Dan Jones and Associates, finds Trump with 36% of the vote in Utah. Clinton would get 27%. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson has 10%, while Green Party nominee Jill Stein pulls in 2%. 18% said they would prefer another candidate while 2% were undecided.... 

A survey from May gave Trump a 43-30% lead. This is the first Utah survey that includes both Johnson and Stein....

28% of independent voters would vote for Trump. 24% would cast a ballot for Clinton. However, 15% in this group want Gary Johnson, while nearly 1/4 (23%) say they would vote for another candidate....

Women voters slightly prefer Clinton to Trump by a 34-29% margin, while their male counterparts tilt toward Trump by a 43-20% margin.
The youngest cohort of voters in our survey, those between 18 and 24, prefer Clinton to Trump 25-17%. Those between 25 and 34 also favor Clinton by a 27-17% tally. After that, the numbers reverse. The older Utahns are, the more they prefer Trump....
- Non-active members of the LDS Church prefer Clinton by a 39-28% margin.
- Catholics overwhelmingly want Clinton over Trump 55-10%.
- Protestants slightly favor Clinton over Trump by a 48-41%. margin.
The survey was conducted by Dan Jones and Associates from June 8-17, 2016 among 614 registered Utah voters with a margin of error +/- 3.95%."


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