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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

San Jose police arrest at least 5 for assault with a deadly weapon after Trump San Jose rally-NBC Bay Area

"Police on Wednesday released two surveillance images of another suspect wanted for an alleged assault during the rally." [Attacks occurred after the rally, not "during" it.]

"Police on Wednesday arrested three more suspects in connection to attacks during [it was after] last week's Donald Trump rally in San Jose.

The suspects are minors, police said. Two of the suspects face felony assault with a deadly weapon charges, while the other faces a misdemeanor battery charge, police said.

Police on Wednesday also released two surveillance images of another suspect and is asking for the public's help in identifying and locating that person. The suspect is also wanted for an alleged assault during the Trump rally.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the department's assault's unit at 408-277-4161.

On Tuesday, police identified four suspects, all teenagers, that were arrested during the violent rally last Thursday.

Ahmed Abdirahman, 19, Robert Trillo, 18, and Antonio Fernandez, 19, were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Michael Kitaigorodsky, 19, was arrested after refusing to disperse, police said.

All four teenagers reside in Santa Clara County, police said. During Thursday's rally, a police officer also was assaulted, a woman was egged, and others in attendance left with cuts and bruises."

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Added: Not mentioned in above article, at least 7 Trump supporters were sucker punched in the head and/or neck by roaming terrorists who hit them from behind. Photos of three examples posted below. "Cuts and bruises" obviously doesn't describe heavy blows to the head which could have caused brain injury or death either from the blow itself or from a victim falling to the pavement as a result of the blow (see below).

Additionally, from the article, the four identified Tuesday barely fit the description of "all teenagers." Three aged 19, one age 18. NBC Bay Area felt the need to describe them as "all teenagers" and "all four teenagers" within 4 sentences above. Why not mention twice that three of them were "arrested for assault with a deadly weapon? 

Below, screen shots from video of San Jose sucker punch assaults to the head and neck:

June 6, 2016, "California Nightmarin'," You Tube, Trump for President. Sample of 7 sucker punches thrown in California at Trump supporters. The hits were from behind to the head and/or neck. (start at :52 on video). An 8th, simply chased, tackled, and thrown to the ground. Minimum wage in Mexico is 53 cents per hour, $4.25 per day. "Powerful forces...have reduced working-class wages around the globe." Newsweek...

Sucker punch #1, man hit in neck or face by man he doesn't notice has come up beside him, Mexican flag carried by a person next to the attacker, man falls to pavement, 7 frames


Sucker punch #2, man walking alone hit in the head from behind, 10 frames





Sucker punch #3-man in yellow shirt hit in neck and head from behind by man hurling an object. Man in yellow shirt seen with blood streaming down his face, 10 frames.




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