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Friday, June 10, 2016

It didn't occur to Trump supporters not to obey San Jose police who ordered them to walk into a violent mob. San Jose 14 year old ran for his life, was tackled and thrown to the ground after Trump rally-BizPac Review

It didn't occur to Trump supporters not to obey San Jose police who ordered them to walk into a violent mob: "We were directed through the mob...We weren’t allowed to go away from the protest.Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon says this is a civil rights violation, that San Jose police participated in denying citizens a right to free assembly and free speech, at 4:15 on video. Dhillon also attended the rally.

6/10/16, "Father of 14-year-old son hunted down by violent anti-Trump mob tells his side of horrific ordeal," Biz Pac Review,

"During last week’s melee following a San Jose Donald Trump rally, police appeared to be more of a hindrance, than they were a help when Trump supporters were chased and pummeled by protesters.

The father of a 14-year-old boy who also attended the rally told Fox News host Sean Hannity (on 6/9) that his son was beaten on the back of his head as he was running for his life.

“He had two big lumps on his head at the end of the night,” the father, identified only as “Craig” told Hannity....

He added that after his son was attacked, he managed to make it to the police line, but the officers wouldn’t allow him to check on his son.

“I tried to check on his well-being, and they wouldn’t let me through,” he said. I kept saying, ‘That’s my son! That’s my son!’ and the guy just said, “Get back! Get back!’

Harmeet Dhillon, a lawyer who also attended the rally, confirmed Craig’s recollection of events.

There are 250 police officers lined up there. They stayed in formation and didn’t do a thing to help all the people who were being attacked,” she told Hannity.

Dhillon represents Trump supporter Rachel Casey, who was cornered by a mob of protesters at the entrance to a Marriott hotel and pelted with eggs.

“She was very frightened for her life,” Dhillon said. She tried to get into the Marriott and they closed the doors from the inside.

Both Craig and Dhillon related that police directed the Trump supporters to walk through the mob of protesters.

We were directed through the mob, Craig told Hannity. “It’s one thing to let people protest. It’s another thing to make the people go through the protest. Force them to. We weren’t allowed to go away from the protest.

Dhillon agreed. “I’ve heard anecdotally from people who have spoken to police officers,” she said. Right before we were directed into this mob this group of Trump supporters was thanking the police for being there.. This is a generally pro-law enforcement crowd. It’s not a knock on police in general but in this specific instance it’s shocking to see 250 of them lined up and not lifting a finger to help hundreds of victims.”"

Video via Fox News. And reaction to the story made it to social media."...


6/2/16, Below, 14 year old San Jose Trump supporter runs for his life to escape violent mob. The teen's father was interviewed on 6/9 on Fox News, above.


Above, 6/2/16, San Jose, Calif., young Trump supporter runs for his life as he's chased by members of the multi-trillion dollar open borders mob. AP photo by Noah Berger

Above two images via Gateway Pundit: "A poster on Twitter who identifies as a Black Muslim man claims to have been the person seen on news video chasing and tackling a young white male Trump supporter following a Trump rally in San Jose Thursday. Using the Twitter handle “Houdini @sizzle_seyf”, the man posted the news video and retweeted congratulations on his chasing and tackling the Trump supporter. Here are the still images of anti-Trump Muslim “Houdini” chasing and tackling a Trump supporter leaving the rally in San Jose, California....Houdini posted ABC News video of the chase and tackle. In the video, Houdini can be seen running sown and tackling a young white man wearing a red shirt. He then retweeted congratulations."...

Below, 19 additional frames from video of the San Jose 14 year old running for his life, plus one of Mexican flag at intersection near where the boy was tackled to the ground: "Trump Supporter Chased And Attacked By Protesters In San Jose, CA," Justin Lew


Above from, "Trump Supporter Chased And Attacked By Protesters In San Jose, CA," Justin Lew video, 6/2/16, published 6/3/16


Added: 6/8/16, "Trump supporters were 'running for their lives' after San Jose rally, police report says," San Jose Mercury News, Mark Gomez 


Added: San Jose media blocked father's twitter after Dad merely informed media they'd inaccurately captioned a picture of his son with someone in law enforcement. The father told them police didn't rescue his son and bring him to safety, the boy rescued himself:

From The Gateway Pundit interview (6/9/16) with father of boy who was beaten and forced to run for his life after Trump rally:

"TGP: Police Chief Eddie Garcia posted at Facebook a vow to seek justice for the victims of the riot using a photo of your son with a caption that claims the SJPD rescued your son. What is your comment on that?

Father: SJPD did not help my son until after he crossed the skirmish line. No one went to help him at all....


Father: I sent him a tweet that his information was false and that the boy had to save himself. The reporter promptly blocked my Twitter account."...

6/9/16, "TGP Exclusive Interview: Father of Young Teen Trump Supporter Was Also Attacked By San Jose Terror Mob," The Gateway Pundit, Kristinn Taylor




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