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Monday, June 27, 2016

47% of all Wisconsin voters favor increased law enforcement monitoring of Muslim Americans and Muslim communities in US, 33% oppose, 20% not sure-CBS News Wisconsin poll, June 21-24, 2016

Poll dates June 21-24, 2016, 993 Likely Wisconsin voters, 4.3 error margin, Hillary v Trump .7 outside error margin, Hillary 41, Trump 36, Johnson 3, Stein 2

6/26/16, "CBS News 2016 Battleground Tracker, Wisconsin"

Among questions asked of Wisconsin voters in CBS News poll:

p. 5, q. 16, "For you, how much is this Presidential election about...?"

"The safety and security of the country" 67%

p. 7, q. 25, "Would you favor or oppose allowing law enforcement officials to conduct increased monitoring of Muslim Americans and Muslim communities in the United States"

Favor 47
Oppose 33
Not sure 20


p. 11, q. 41, "What racial or ethnic group best describes you?"

White 87
Black 6
Hispanic 2
Other 5


p. 9, q. 31, "Do you consider the US to be at war right now, or not?"

Yes, at war 68
No, not at war 38


p. 9, q. 32, "Should most illegal immigrants working in the United States be"

Offered a chance to apply for legal status 63
Deported to the country they came from 37


More vote for democrats recently:

p. 10, q. 34, "Regardless of which party you may vote for today, in recent past elections do you usually...?"

Vote for Republicans 38
Vote for Democrats 32 


p. 11, q. 42, "What is the highest level of education you have completed?"

High school or less: 26
Some college 32
College grad 27
Post grad 15


Added: Democrat favored in upcoming Wisconsin US Senate election:

p. 4, q. 15, "In the U.S. Senate election in Wisconsin in November, are you planning to vote for"

The Republican candidate 38
The Democratic candidate 44
Not sure yet 16
Other 1


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