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Monday, June 13, 2016

On behalf of US taxpayers, NASA signs agreement with United Arab Emirates to work together on trip to Mars and other space exploration. In Abu Dhabi, NASA's Charles Bolden says trip to Mars includes many international partners-NASA


6/12/16, "NASA, UAE Sign Significant Outer Space, Aeronautics Cooperation Agreement,", press release

"The United States and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have entered into an agreement to cooperate in aeronautics research, and the exploration and use of airspace and outer space for peaceful purposes, working together in the peaceful use of outer space for the benefit of humanity.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and UAE Space Agency Chairman Dr. Khalifa Al Romaithi formalized and signed the agreement Sunday at a meeting in Abu Dhabi.

NASA is leading an ambitious journey to Mars that includes partnerships with the private sector and many international partners,” said Bolden. “I am confident this new framework agreement with the UAE Space Agency will help advance this journey, as well as other endeavors in the peaceful exploration of outer space.” Already, technical experts from our two countries are engaged in discussions on several areas of mutual interest, and I believe our two agencies will collaborate for years to come through a common interest in aeronautics, exploration and discovery.”...

The two countries will continue to identify additional areas of mutual interest for possible future cooperative programs or joint activities on Earth, in airspace, or in outer space. These activities may include the joint use of aircraft, scientific instruments aboard spacecraft, ground-based research facilities, spacecraft and space research platforms, as well as ground-based antennas for tracking, telemetry, and data acquisition....

NASA and the UAE Space Agency also formalized cooperation in the exploration of Mars as the first field of collaboration between the agencies by signing an Implementing Arrangement under the Framework. The Implementing Arrangement establishes a joint steering group to guide discussions about potential future projects that contribute to exploring the Red Planet."

"For more information about NASA’s missions, research and discoveries, visit:

David Weaver
Headquarters, Washington

Image: "NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and UAE Space Agency Chairman Dr. Khalifa Al Romaithi," NASA


6/12/16, "NASA and the UAE team up on space exploration,", Jon Fingas

"The agreement lets them share spacecraft, research and more."

"NASA wants whatever help it can get for its journey to Mars, and it's willing to forge some unusual partnerships to make that happen. Case in point: the agency has reached an agreement with the United Arab Emirates that will have them cooperating on space exploration. The deal lets them share everything from data and research facilities to aircraft and spacecraft. Mars exploration is the initial focus of their cooperation, but they'll look at other areas where they can work together.  

The deal makes sense despite the UAE's relative lack of experience with space travel. The UAE gets the prestige
of directly contributing to one of humanity's greatest exploration missions. For NASA, this offers chances to both reduce its reliance on Russia and stretch its budget a little further."... Source: NASA


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