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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thousands rally for Trump in Phoenix, Arizona, June 18, 2016

Above, 6/18/16, Trump rally in Phoenix, "Despite the 100+ degree weather, several thousand people showed up to Donald Trump's rally in Phoenix,

"I think we need to be safe." 6/18/16, "Tanya Scaife, right, voted for Obama, but plans to vote this year because, "I think we need to be safe." Dennis Welch twitter, KTVK tv Political Editor

JJohnson twitter



Above, 6/18/16, "Donald Trump arrives in Phoenix, Arizona, for his last rally of the week," Jenna Johnson twitter

JJohnson twitter

Above, 6/18/16, "In Phoenix, crowd starts chanting: "We need Trump! We need Trump!" Jenna Johnson twitter 

Above, 6/18/16, Trump rally in Phoenix, "Chinese Americans love Trump" sign, from via Sharry twitter

Az. Central


Az. Central




6/18/16, WriterMom4Trump Twitter, via 

6/18/16, "Donald Trump visits Arizona: Our live blog," Arizona Republic, Az Central 


6/18/16, Trump rally in Phoenix, Full Event, Right Side Broadcasting 


Added: Bikers made the difference:

TCTH commenter who attended said she was afraid to go until she heard bikers would be there to help with security:

"Nicole Coulter says:
I am here with my kids. A lot of people are here but probably thousands stayed home because they were worried about protestors hitting them with bottles and bags of rocks. We ALMOST didn’t come. Until we heard the bikers were coming to provide security! It’s a great crowd, though! 114 degrees outside! Had to walk maybe 10 blocks to venue."



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