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Monday, June 27, 2016

Next step in Europe, France and Germany to lead formation of FRONTEX, 'world's first multinational border and coast guard.' Category of 'economic migrants' welcome as now, but no need for them to use asylum as excuse for entry. 9 page document received by Polish tv

6/27/16, "European superstate. See the original document,", Polish Television, pch, Kaien, google translation from Polish 

"European superstate instead of the European Union-such a proposal at a meeting in Prague is to present countries of the Visegrad Group head of the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The document, which reached portal and the program "It took twenty", has 9 pages and is signed by the foreign ministers of Germany and France. See the original document. The main assumptions of the document:
The unification of criminal law and the tax system.
• Member without their own currency and central bank.
• Uniform visa system.
A common foreign policy with other countries and international organizations.
Limited role of NATO."

[Google says original is "too large to translate."] 

Other highlights: New multi-national military and coast guard,  FRONTEX, to be created to patrol border. Economic migrants to be acknowledged and admitted along with war zone refugees:


p. 6, Rising number of economic migrants: Be open to them but note "asylum system is a misleading entry point for them to use":



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