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Monday, June 20, 2016

Arizona Republican National Committee member calls for Trump campaign staff to be shot execution style-Arizona Daily Independent

6/18/16, "Arizona RNC Committeeman Calls for Trump Operatives to be Shot in the Head," The Arizona Daily Independent ^, by ADI News Service  

"Bruce Ash, Arizona's RNC Committeeman, who stunned Republicans two years ago with a call for violence against conservative radio talker James T. Harris, has now called for presidential candidate Donald Trump's top campaign staff to be shot execution style."...


Comment: The headline and first sentence of the article (above) were posted to Free Republic from which I copied them. I was unable to copy and paste from above article/website. 

Below are screenshots of first two comments to above article at its website. Commenter notes what most who care about this country know, that the Republican Party if it exists at all in Arizona has long been a joke. And no wonder the great interest in Trump. Also, notes RNC man Ash has implied a death threat to a candidate or his staff and should be interviewed if not detained:


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