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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trump leads in Florida at 45, Gravis Poll Feb. 24, 2016. Large portion (at least 13%) of 2016 Florida Republican primary votes have already been placed via absentee ballot which 'could present a problem for Rubio'-Gravis Poll

Trump 45
Rubio 25
Cruz 15
Kasich 10
Carson 5 (dropped out Wed. 3/2)

3/3/16, "Gravis Poll: Trump and Clinton up big in Florida," The Orlando Political Observer, Frank Torres

(From blog editor Susan: Above quote is available at link. I posted it as a screen shot because Google rendered the key portion microscopic (see below) when I posted it the normal way.)

"A large portion of absentee ballots have already been mailed and that could present a problem for Rubio. We’ll see what happens after tonight’s (March 3) debate.” Doug Kaplan, President of Gravis Marketing


(No date, but references 2/24/16 Gravis Poll): "Florida Polling Results," One America News Network 

"One America News Network and Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research firm, conducted a random survey of 751 Republican Primary voters and 514 Democratic Primary voters in Florida. The poll has a margin of error of ± 3.6% for Republicans and 4.3% for Democrats, both at the 95% confidence level. The poll was conducted on February 24th. The total may not round to 100% because of rounding. The polls were conducted using automated telephone calls (IVR technology) and online responses. The results are weighted by relevant voting demographics. The poll was conducted for One America News Network."

Third chart below, "already voted, 13%:"

Below, as of 3/3/16, "Florida Republican Presidential Primary," Real Clear Politics

Real Clear Politics average of 3 Florida polls, Trump +18.7

PPP 2/24-2/25 Trump +20
Gravis 2/24 Trump +20
Quinnipiac 2/21-2/24 Trump +16


Charts above from One America News Network, Florida Polling Results.


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