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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump at 44 in Florida in March 8-11, 2016 poll, leads Republican field by 23 points-Florida Atlantic University Poll

Trump 44  
Cruz 21  
Rubio 21
Kasich 9
March 8-11, 2016, (Tu-F), Florida Atlantic University poll. 852 registered Florida likely Republican primary voters, land line and cell phone, automated voice response, 3.3 error margin, random selection of registered voters. Likely primary voters were classified through a screening question. Trump also leads among Florida Hispanic voters by 2+ points: (page 3), Trump 36.9, Rubio 34.5, Cruz 20.5, Kasich 8.1. (Jeb Bush was at 10 statewide in Jan. 2016 FAU poll.)
March 12, 2016, "Latest FAU Poll Shows Trump Up 23 Points on Cruz and Rubio in Florida, where Clinton leads Sanders by 28," press release, Florida Atlantic University

FAU website: "Polls," Florida Atlantic University College of Business


March 2016: "A new Florida Atlantic University statewide poll has GOP front runner Donald Trump surging with the support of 44% of likely Republican primary voters, and an overall 23 point lead on his closest competitors Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who are statistically tied at 21%."...image above from Florida Atlantic University website.


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