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Thursday, March 3, 2016

China government doubles down, demands absolute loyalty from all media to Communist Party line in thought, politics, and action. Pres. Xi Jinping makes special visit to remind media-BBC

"In order to solve the current economic and social problems that China faces now, these strong measures are understandable," a pro-government academic says.

3/3/16, "Critics fear Beijing's sharp turn to authoritarianism," BBC, John Simpson
"President Xi Jinping is pulling up the drawbridge. Two weeks ago he made his new approach unmistakably clear. On a single day, he visited the main Communist Party newspaper, the state news agency, and state television. 

In each place he told the staff they must be absolutely loyal to the Communist Party and follow its leadership in thought, politics and action.
At CCTV the staff welcomed him with a banner which read "Central Television's family name is The Party". And, not by coincidence, he told them: "The media run by the Party and the government…must have the Party as their family name." 

What he is demanding from the state broadcaster, the main newspaper, and the national news agency is nothing short of total loyalty to the Party line, and to his own leadership.

For some people here, that's uncomfortably reminiscent of 1970s Maoism. They talk nervously of a new Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong's hugely destructive campaign to destroy his enemies. 

A leading pro-government academic, Wang Yukai, who teaches at a top school for Party officials insists that this view is mistaken.

"Seen from the outside, it might look as though our top leadership has become more aggressive. However, this aggressiveness won't last long." 

"In order to solve the current economic and social problems that China faces now, these strong measures are understandable."

"China needs a stronger government in order to govern our country and society effectively."...

But the sense of nervousness among better-off people here is growing.

Many wealthy Chinese are getting their money out of the country, and they're sending their children to school and university in Western countries, particularly Britain and the United States.

They hope the latest crack-down won't last. But they aren't taking any chances."


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