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Friday, March 25, 2016

To this country's great embarrassment, Ted Cruz brought the Bush Cartel cancer back by hiring Neil Bush and actually sought the aid of Bush financial cronies. Neil Bush became famous for his directorship of Silverado Savings and Loan, the collapse of which cost US taxpayers $1 billion and for which he and others were sued

Ted Cruz and Neil Bush
"Bush, 35, served from August, 1985, to August, 1988, on the board of Silverado, which was seized by federal regulators on Dec. 9, 1988. The failure cost taxpayers an estimated $1 billion."...Image of Ted Cruz and Neil Bush via

3/10/16: "Just when we thought our fellow Americans, voting in droves in the early primaries not for Jeb Bush, had prevailed through the ballot box against the rigged wheels and multi-millions of the permanent insiders of Bush, Inc.," Ted Cruz invites the Bush Cartel back. Diana West

Following, Sept. 1990 AP article:

9/23/1990, "FDIC Sues Neil Bush in Silverado S and L's Failure," AP, via LA Times

"Federal regulators filed a $200-million suit against President Bush's son Neil and other officers of the failed Silverado Banking, Savings and Loan Assn. on Friday, accusing them of "gross negligence" contributing to the institution's collapse.

The civil suit, filed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in U.S. District Court in Denver, said the defendants "repeatedly breached their duties" to the Denver-based institution and its depositors.

It said Bush and the other outside directors failed to properly monitor the affairs of Silverado and the conduct of its senior management.

"Our conclusion is that Silverado was the victim of sophisticated schemes and abuses by insiders and of gross negligence by its directors and outside professionals," FDIC Senior Deputy General Counsel Douglas H. Jones said in a statement.

"We are seeking in this case to recover every available dollar for the federal deposit insurance funds and the American taxpayers," Jones said.

Bush, 35, served from August, 1985, to August, 1988, on the board of Silverado, which was seized by federal regulators on Dec. 9, 1988. The failure cost taxpayers an estimated $1 billion.

Bush and his attorneys were not immediately available for comment. He has denied any wrongdoing concerning Silverado in a separate conflict-of-interest case brought against him by the Office of Thrift Supervision.

The FDIC said improper loans and investments were made by Silverado's officers and approved by its directors. Many of the transactions violated federal regulations, it said.

"Silverado's lending and investment practices during this period were unsafe and unsound and were designed to achieve the appearance of growth at the expense of the long-term health" of the institution, said the brief filed by the FDIC.

In addition to Bush, former Silverado officials named as defendants were: Michael Wise, chairman and chief executive officer; Robert Lewis, chief financial officer; Richard Vandapool, chief operating officer; Russell Murray, executive vice president; W. James Metz, who owned 88% of Silverado's stock, and board members Florian Barth, Richard Bunchman, Diane Ingels, Marjorie Page and Richard Vitkus.

The suit also accuses Wise, Lewis and Metz of "unjust enrichment".

The FDIC also named Silverado's lawyers as defendants. They are the firm of Sherman and Howard of Denver, general counsel to Silverado from 1984 to 1988, and Ronald Jacobs, a partner in the law firm who served on the board of the institution's holding company.

The law firm and its attorneys placed "the interests of a few insiders over those of the institution they were retained to protect," the FDIC said in a statement.

Separately, Bush faces a public hearing in Denver starting Tuesday on thrift regulators' charges of conflict of interest.

The Office of Thrift Supervision is seeking an order against Bush that effectively could bar him from working for a bank or a savings and loan. The thrift agency contends that Bush failed to adequately disclose to Silverado his business relationships with developers Kenneth M. Good and Bill L. Walters, two big borrowers from the institution who defaulted on their loans.

The FDIC lawsuit will have no effect on the Office of Thrift Supervision's proceeding, OTS spokesman Tom Mason said Friday.

A final decision in the OTS case isn't due until next April."


Added: Why did Cruz hire Neil Bush?

3/15/16, "Ted Cruz: Why is Anti-Israel Neil “Dubai Hookers” Bush on His Campaign?" Debbie Schlussel

"If Ted Cruz is so great on Israel, the Middle East, and Islam, then why did he happily announce that anti-Israel Neil “Dubai Hookers, Silverado Scam” Bush has joined his campaign? Maybe because he isn’t so great on those things after all. Personnel is policy....


Added, two articles by Diana West:

Ted Cruz invites rigged Bush wheels back after Americans voting "not for Jeb Bush" had at long last removed them:

3/10/16, "The Post-Constitutional Election, Pt. 10: What Does Bush, Inc. Bring Besides Money?" Diana West,
"Just when we thought our fellow Americans, voting in droves in the early primaries not for Jeb Bush, had prevailed through the ballot box against the rigged wheels and multi-millions of the permanent insiders of Bush, Inc., we find that Jeb Bush's finance committee has attached itself, leech-like, to "outsider" Ted Cruz. And vice-versa.

On March 3, eight former members of the Jeb! team joined the Cruz campaign:

Paul Dickerson of Houston, TX
Boyden Gray of Washington, DC
Charles Foster of Houston, TX
Reginald J. Brown of Washington, DC
Paula and Jim Henry of Midland, TX
Nancy and Randy Best of Dallas, TX.

If there was any doubt that the Bushes were back on the trail, five days lateralong came Neil, the Silverado-Asian-call-girl-Billy-Carter-by-way-of-Kennebunkport-bad-news-bailout-brother of Jeb and George W., who once upon a time found himself in the semiconductor business with the son of the former dictator of China, Jiang Zemin. Now he occupies a top slot in the Cruz organization.

Neil Bush

Why would Cruz do this to himself, and his supporters?

Dickerson, Gray, and Brown are all former Bush administration officials, either 41 or 43, or both. Dickeron was at Bush 43's commerce and energy departments; Gray was Bush 41's legal counsel, an ambassador for 43; Brown, a counsel for Bush 43.

So much for "Ted Cruz, Outsider," a guise -- a political ruse, as compellingly argued at Conservative Treehouse -- that was always an extremely long stretch for someone who earned his spurs inside the Bush legal team during the 2000 Florida recount; who worked closely in 2000 with Houston immigration lawyer Charles Foster to craft Candidate Bush 43's pro-immigration/legalizing-aliens overhaul, and whose wife, Heidi Cruz, famously on leave from "outsider" bank Goldman Sachs, would go on to work for key globalists Robert Zoellick (Bush 43's fast track booster) and Condoleeza Rice (Bush 43's SPP booster), while co-authoring, as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a blueprint for "North American Union." And yes, it matters. Particularly when Cruz is a Canada-born presidential candidate who insists he's both "natural born" and a constitutional originalist. Smoke and mirrors seems to be this couple's chosen decor.

My question today, though, is this: What does Bush, Inc. bring to the Cruz campaign besides money?

Consider the man midway down the new Jeb-to-Ted finance committee list, Houston immigration lawyer Charles Foster. Foster is a Bush loyalist to the hilt, whose Wiki page tells us he "initiated and co-chaired" Houston monuments to George H.W. Bush and James Baker both; and, as noted above, worked closely with Cruz on formulating Candidate Bush 43's immigration program. 

Foster is also former co-chairman of Foster Quan, LLP -- motto: "the Comprehensive Immigration Law Firm" -- and current chairman of Foster, LLP -- motto: "fostering Global Immigration Solutions." He also heads the Greater Houston Partnership on Immigration Reform, billed as "a nationwide effort to secure sensible immigration reform that meets the needs of the business community, families and our nation's economy."

Translation: "immigration reform" that legalizes and probably makes citizens out of tens of millions (and counting) of illegal aliens, who comprise a quasi-slave labor force that has corrupted the soul of American society, from the corporate world to the home nursery, and gutted the wage-earning capacity of millions of Americans. As the lady said, "Adios, America."

Donald Trump's electrifying immigration-control candidacy, meanwhile, poses the biggest threat probably in US history to such "reform," not to mention to the entire globalist movement.

What a headache for Bush, Inc., that deep and central node of Poppy's own "new world order." And what a monkey wrench, too. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Why, Charles Foster, for one, was perfectly happy with Obama's dictatorial immigration "reform" measures, even applauding, for example, Obama's 2014 executive order protecting some five million illegal aliens from U.S. law and deportation. As Houston Business Journal paraphrased Foster: "Immigration lawyers will finally have a way to help business owners legitimize their workforce thanks to Obama's executive order."

Then there's legal immigration, which that nation-loving hoi polloi Trump also wants to get under control. As recently as April 29, 2015, Ted Cruz was still touting his Gang of 8 bill amendment to expand H1B visas by 500 percent. Doubtless due to the Trump Effect, Cruz now calls for a six-month moratorium on the H1B visa program. No word on what happens after that, though.

Charles Foster, naturally, remains a vigorous booster of the H1B program. I even happened across a rebuttal he wrote in 2012 to an op-ed by America's conservative sweetheart, Phyllis Schlafly, on the subject. Her oped was called "H1B Visas Take American Jobs" -- and they still do.  According to Foster, however, Schlafly was "wrong" had "no basis" and even was "ridiculous" in her arguments -- all according to the pro-amnesty, Open Borders playbook, as befits a board member and past president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, which Foster is. Pushing for Syrian refugees, condemning deporations, and supporting the so-called Gang of 8 Senate "amnesty" bill is all in a day's work for AILA, of course.

That's who these people are. Get the picture?

So this is how it all went down

As the Texas Tribune reported:

[Foster] got a call from Cruz, a friend dating back to Cruz’s days working on George W. Bush‘s 2000 presidential campaign.

After thinking it over, Foster came to the conclusion that Cruz is hoping many other Republicans are reaching: The Texas senator is “really the only vehicle left to stop Donald Trump.”

Read: stop Trump's border wall, stop Trump's American, not global, trade and immigration policies.
Politico reports:
"Foster spent part of Monday afternoon writing a letter to other Bush alums and former donors, urging them to come on board with Cruz in order to stop Trump."

To recap: Cruz himself selected Mr. Global Immigration Solutions as point man to mobilize the Bush finance committee for the Cruz campaign

How could he do that? That is, if Cruz's conversion to immigration-restrictionist (such as it is) is genuine, how could he bring himself to do this -- to ally his presidential campaign with a chief legal advocate of mass immigration and legalization/amnesty for illegal aliens? What message is he sending -- and to whom?

Similarly, if Cruz's conversion to immigration-restrictionist (such as it is) is real, why would mass-immigration superlawyer Foster want to get involved? What does superlawyer Foster believe he's getting out of opening his wallet, and the wallets of his Bush, Inc. allies -- the thrill of being on a presidential campaign?

I think not."

Above image caption: "Neil Bush, wearing a Cultural Revolution red star on his cap, a 'Serve the People' shoulder bag, and holding a tin Mao mug, uploaded this pic in 2012 with the caption: 'I'm thinking of joining the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). What do you think of my accessories?'," via Diana West, photo Neil Bush

Second Diana West article:

1/24/16, "Cruz v Trump 2: The Post-Constitutional Election," Diana West. "Part 1 is here."... 


Added, 2002 article, Neil Bush the "Bush black sheep," after Neil Bush visit to Saudi Arabia:

1/24/2002, "Neil Bush says Arab P.R. machine not as good as Israel’s," Jake Tapper,

"In a controversial speech, the president's younger brother tells Saudi audience Arabs must play U.S. media game better."

"Presidential brother Neil Bush, while giving a speech Monday in Saudi Arabia, condemned the American media for stereotyping the Arab world and urged Arab leaders to hire lobbyists and public relations representatives to combat these negative images as well as to sway public opinion to a more sympathetic view of Arabs in the Arab-Israeli conflict, according to reports in foreign media outlets....

James Taranto, a writer for the Wall Street Journal’s, called Neil “the Bush Black Sheep,” and said that he — like Roger Clinton and Billy Carter before him — “has emerged to embarrass the man in the White House.” Before now, Neil may be best known for his role as former director of the Silverado Banking, Savings and Loan Association from 1985 to 1988, who was sued by federal regulators in 1990 for the S&L’s collapse, which cost taxpayers approximately $1 billion. Bush paid $50,000 in a court settlement.... 

Following reports that the Saudi royal family was chagrined with the U.S. support for Israel, on July 15 [2001?] the New York Times reported that President George H.W. Bush called Crown Prince Abdullah to assure him that his son the president would “do the right thing” because “his heart is in the right place.”"... 


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