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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trucks easily cut through cheap fencing on US southern border with Mexico. No agents were nearby to check contents of trucks. Currently short 1000 needed border agents-Arizona Public Media, 3/29/16

3/29/16, "Union: Border Fence Breach Raises Terrorist Worries," Arizona Public Media, Nancy Montoya

"Threats of more terrorist attacks are sparking debate on security vulnerabilities on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Brandon Judd, the head of the National Border Patrol Council, a union that represents 16,000 Border Patrol agents, testified last week at a congressional hearing

He said that an email from an agent in Arizona cited a 10-mile remote stretch of the border where smugglers cut the fence and drove two trucks through. Cameras caught the activity, 

but agents weren’t close enough to investigate.
"The scariest part is that we don’t know what was in those vehicles,” Judd said. 

No terrorist activities in the U.S. have been traced specifically to people who crossed into the country illegally from Mexico. 

Judd said, however, the number of illegal border crossings through Mexico from Pakistan is expected to more than triple this year.

“Those numbers should alarm everyone and we are seeing a similar trend from other key countries like Bangladesh, Albania and Brazil,” Judd said. 

Customs and Border Protection is more than 1,000 agents short of what it is authorized to have."


Comment: "Congressional hearings" on this matter are a joke and should be cancelled. The globalist US political class would be happy if trucks full of contraband streamed into the US 24/7. Unfortunately for the rest of us, "A nation without borders is not a nation." Donald J. Trump 

The Wall St. Journal has been calling for open borders since at least 1984:

7/3/1984, "In Praise of Huddled Masses," Wall St. Journal Editorial

"If Washington still wants to "do something" about immigration, we propose a five-word constitutional amendment: There shall be open borders."...


Added, from Peggy Noonan, 3/24/16: Islamic terrorism won't be defeated because political elites insist on open borders:

3/24/16, "How to Defeat Radical Jihadism," Peggy Noonan, Wall St. Journal, opinion (subscrip)

"It will require Western elites to form an alliance with the citizens they've long disrespected."

"These things are obvious after the Brussels bombings: In striking at the political heart of Europe, home of the European Union, the ISIS jihadists were delivering a message: They will not be stopped....

Radical jihadism is not going to go away, not for a long time, probably decades. For 15 years it has in significant ways shaped our lives, and it will shape our children’s too....

The usual glib talk of politicians—calls for unity, vows that we will not give in to fearwill produce in the future what they’ve produced in the past: nothing....

Let’s say only 10% of the 1.6 billion harbor feelings of grievance toward “the West,” or desire to expunge the infidel, or hope to re-establish the caliphate. That 10% is 160 million people. Let’s say of that group only 10% would be inclined toward jihad. That’s 16 million. Assume that of that group only 10% really means itwould really become jihadis or give them aid and sustenance. That’s 1.6 million. That is a lot of ferociousness in an age of increasingly available weapons, including the chemical, biological and nuclear sort....We must absorb that central fact.... 

The “they” is radical Islamic jihadism. Normal people have seen that a long time, but the leaders of the West-its political class, media powers and opinion shapers-have had a hard time coming to terms....They cast about-if only we give young Islamist men jobs programs or social integration schemes, we can stop this trouble. But jihadists don’t want to be integrated. They want trouble....

On April 28, 2010, in Rochdale, England, Britain’s then prime minister accidentally performed a great public service by revealing what liberal Western leaders think of their people

At a campaign stop a 65-year-old woman named Gillian Duffy approached him and shared her concerns regarding crime, taxes and immigration. Mr. Brown made a great show of friendliness and appreciation. Then, still wearing a live mic, he got into his Jaguar, complained to his aides about “that woman” and said, “She’s just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to be Labour.”

That was the authentic sound of the Western elite....The elites have for a long time enjoyed nothing more than sneering at the anger and “racism” of their own people. They do not have the wisdom to understand that if they convincingly attempted to protect the people and respected their anxieties, the people would feel far less rage.... 

Republican operatives and elected officials in the U.S. don’t want to change their stand on illegal immigration, and a key reason is pride. They’re stiff-necked, convinced of their own higher moral thinking, and they will have open borderswhich they do not call “open borders” but “comprehensive immigration reform,” which includes border-control mechanisms. But they’ll never get to the mechanisms. They see the rise of Donald Trump and know it has something to do with immigration, but—they can’t bow. Some months ago I spoke to an admirable conservative group and said the leaders of the GOP should change their stand. I saw one of their leaders wince, as if I had made a faux pas. Which, I understood, I had. I understood too that terrorism is only making the border issue worse, and something’s got to give.

But I doubt they can change."...


Among comments to Peggy Noonan article:


" The top-end strategy of radical Islam relies on Western liberal ideology. Without it, radical Islam would be significantly weaker."

Trump: 3 basic principles about US borders:
8/16/15, "Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again," Donald J. Trump

"The three core principles of Donald J. Trump's immigration plan"
"When politicians talk about “immigration reform” they mean: amnesty, cheap labor and open borders. The Schumer-Rubio immigration bill was nothing more than a giveaway to the corporate patrons who run both parties.

Real immigration reform puts the needs of working people first-not wealthy globetrotting donors. We are the only country in the world whose immigration system puts the needs of other nations ahead of our own. That must change. Here are the three core principles of real immigration reform:

1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.
2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.
3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans."...


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