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Monday, October 10, 2016

National Review Editors are able to perceive Mrs. Clinton to be as uninspiring as Dukakis or Mondale only because her opponent Mr. Trump--not Poodle Jeb--has forced that examination of her by enduring an avalanche of malice and remaining standing-Free Republic comment to National Review Editors on their "Republican Crisis"

10/10/16, "The Republican Crisis," National Review Editors, article posted to

Among comments to article by National Review Editors:

"What we are watching here is real alarm, the alarm that politics is diverging from a course quite a few very comfortable theorists seem to imagine was cut into granite. They're freaking out on the other side, too. It's worse.

National Review: "Almost any other Republican would have a better chance of defeating Hillary Clinton, a dreary and corrupt statist who is the Walter Mondale or Michael Dukakis of our time, yet is beating her desperately flawed opponent."

Hillary is perceived in that light only after her opponent has forced that examination by enduring an avalanche of malice and remaining standing. She is most certainly no Dukakis or Mondale, she is something far darker, the back side of that monolith of smiling fools that encompasses modern establishment politics, the part that succeeds only because she has profited from shameless corruption and the connivance of the equally corrupt media. The soft side of that monolith cannot touch her, it doesn't dare. Can anyone in his right mind conceive of a poodle such as Yeb! Bush contending with that stinking, greasy bulldozer?

Trump can, and is, and the soft side of that monolith that consists of National Review editors knows that it is doomed either way. That's why the constant, panicked bleating. Either way, they lose.

That cannot be said of Hillary. She can win this if she goes dirty enough. And she can kill the country doing it, and she can walk away in a shower of illicit riches and untried crimes. And that's fine with the NR editors, because that way at least she might throw them the occasional scrap if they behave.

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