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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bill Clinton, who desperately wants a total of 16 years in the White House, is reportedly an honorary chairman of Commission on Presidential Debates, the group that decides every detail of televised presidential debates. The Commission says, trust us, Bill Clinton isn't involved in decisions, is just honorary

9/26/16, Debate stage

Bill Clinton's name hasn't yet been added to the website of the Commission on Presidential Debates as an "Honorary Chairman." Jimmy Carter is currently the only living president listed on the website among "Honorary Chairmen." The Commission has "National Debate Sponsors," but the Commission's website hasn't been updated to include 2016's sponsors, only lists up to 2012. Janet Brown of the Commission confirmed to Daily Mail in Nov. 2015 that Bill Clinton was an Honorary Chairman: "And Brown, the executive director of the commission, told that the honorary co-chairmen...includes President Clinton."

Debate stage 9/26/16
Cameras rolled as Bill Clinton appeared on the debate stage as a "family member" of one of the debaters though he was also there as an "honorary chairman" of the Commission running the "debates." With trillions at stake, the globalists intend to deliver 16 years in the White House to the Clintons. As it happens, the Republican and Democrat Establishments are in complete agreement: "The elites of both parties are, as if by rote, extreme globalists." (The "two sides" occasionally pretend to be opponents, but just for show). Images above from debate one, 9/26/16, via

Following is Nov. 2015 article

Nov. 2, 2015, "Bill Clinton is honorary chairman of Presidential Debate Commission that will decide how Hillary will battle it out on stage," by Nikki Schwab, US political reporter for

"The Daily Caller is pointing out that Bill Clinton serves as an honorary chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which could create a conflict of interest if his wife Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee. 

There's Clinton and former President Jimmy Carter who represent the Democrats.  On the Republican side, the honorary chairman are two dead presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan – while the two living Republican presidents, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, dad and brother to candidate Jeb Bush, are not affiliated.   

This cycle, the general election debates, three of which are planned along with one vice presidential debate, will be under even more scrutiny in light of the problems the Republicans are having with their primary debates

Last night [Nov. 2015], a lot of issues came to a head as representatives from 12 of the 14 GOP presidential campaigns met in Washington and hashed out a list of demands for the remaining primary debates.

The demands included the temperature of the room – under 68 degrees, please – the location of the bathrooms, and more substantial items like always allowing opening and closing statements and equal questions to the candidates.

Republican candidates and supporters were upset over last week's CNBC debate, which wasn't just messy, but conservatives felt made a mockery of the candidates by asking them 'gotcha'-type questions.

Donald Trump, for example, was asked, ''Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?

Many of the candidates were also critical of a question some were asked about Fantasy Football

The Republican National Committee responded by suspending its relationship with NBC for a future February GOP debate.

The campaigns responded by trying to wrestle debate control away from the RNC and the media sponsors, which was the point of last night's discussion.  

Moving into the general, there will be similar concerns about left-leaning debate moderators....


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