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Monday, September 12, 2016

How is Mexican not a race? Because it's a nationality, a place that includes different races and mixtures. Descendants of Mexico's Spanish conquerors don't look like native Indian Answers

9/13/16,  "How is Mexican not a race?" 

(One) "Same as American (or should I say United Statesian?) is not a race.

Mexico is a country made up of different races and mixtures, albeit not quite as diverse as the U.S.

The original people of Mexico were dark skinned Native Americans - Mayans, Aztecs etc. Mexico was Conquered and colonized by Spain, A White European country if you didn't know. The Spaniards also imposed their language and religion on the natives.

Over the centuries since the days of conquest, there was a lot of racial mixing so the majority of modern Mexicans (about 70%) have varying degrees of Native American, Indigenous ancestry. Some are even of pure or mostly pure Native American descent.

However, about 10% of the population is of pure European descent, meaning that their European ancestors never mixed
with the Indigenous people. These people are often professionals...Doctors, Lawyers, Architects etc.

Because of the old Spanish caste system, Whites in Mexico (as well as the rest of Latin America) are usually the wealthy, educated ruling class. Those of mixed race followed by those of pure Indian descent rank lower and lowest on the social/economic scale respectively.

The majority of immigrants that come to the U.S. are from the poorer classes, that's why they immigrate, they're looking for a better way of life. The Whites are rich so they have no real reason to immigrate and if they did they would do it legally and you probably wouldn't even know that they were Mexican."


(Two) "Because it's a nationality. Mexicans can be any race, just like Americans can be any race. Most Mexicans are Native American or mestizo. Mestizos are people who are a mix of white and Native American. About 10% of Mexicans are white and a few hundred thousand are black.

Most of the white blood in Mexicans, whether they be mixed or full white, comes from the Spanish, but other Europeans have also left their footprint on Mexico. Many Italian and German descended people also live in Mexico.

And the black ones descend from the African slaves brought to Mexico by the Spanish.

And then of course the Native American ones are native to the region.

So that is why Mexican isn't a race. Any race can be Mexican, just like any race can be American. It is not a one-race country."...


(Three) "Mexican is not a race because its a nationality, if someone where to say that he is Egyptian, you more than likely will not think of Egyptian as a race, since Egypt is a mixed race country and many will protest when you say that all Egyptians are Arabs, since Arabs where the conquerors who got mixed with the population.

Mexicans are the other way around, Mexico has many indigenous people but it is wrong to say that Mexico is just Indigenous since most Mexicans are mixed and even if it was purely indigenous, the facial features and the culture of the Apachean people differ from the Maya, for example."

(Four) "Every existing race has a list of genetic traits that an individual must have in order to be part of that race. Speaking Spanish and having the Mexican nationality are not genetic traits."


(Five) "Mexico is a country. So it is a nationality. What you should be asking is are Mexicans White, Native, Asian, or Black. The majority of the population is mixed but there are people of every race that are not mixed." 


(Six) "Are "Americans" a race? Or are they just people from the United States of America?

Clearly, Americans are not a race. We're of all different kinds of origins and have every kind of skin color, hair type and culture of origin that there is to be had on this earth.

Same goes for Mexicans, bub. Mexico is a place. "Mexican" indicates that the person is from Mexico or holds Mexican citizenship. Nationality has *nothing* to do with "race".

Race is complicated. Race means, to many, skin color. To others, it can also imply language, spiritual practices, place of origin or more...morphology of the body, ancestral/lineage of the individual, genetics by testing, social goes on and on. Pretty soon, you end up with hundreds or thousands of races, and it's a big mess. It's better to think of everyone as being "human" and part of one or more "ethnic groups" - by birth, choice, nature, or accident."


Added: Use of the word "race" changed so that many people came to believe it meant nationality, language, or country:

9/25/2011, "Who controls the language controls the culture." Crusader Rabbit, kg 

"Who controls the culture wins the war." 

This capture of the language for political ends was exactly what George Orwell warned us of more than 60 years ago……This complacency is fatal. Great civilisations do not die from the sudden arrival of the barbarians at the gates. They succumb much more slowly than that, from the death-by-a-thousand-cuts permitted from within by those who have forgotten why their traditions and cultural values are worth defending…James Delingpole. 1984 by George Orwell was published in 1949. Orwell opposed totalitarianism.



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