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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Paris, France is now an open air migrant camp, mattresses spread across the boulevard, recent video shows-Watson

Paris, France, Summer 2016

Paris, France, Summer 2016

At 15:17, Paul Joseph Watson says he was in Paris a couple of weeks ago, and it's basically an open air migrant camp. It's mostly men, 99% men, with mattresses just splayed out in the middle of the street, sitting there all day. Then showed some video of this until about 15:58. Images above are screen shots of Watson video, the full 9/20 version of which is below:

9/20/16, "Expert: Hillary Clinton Ready To Launch Major Play," Paul Joseph Watson, The Alex Jones Channel (Views not mind-melded with government media are automatically labelled "conspiracy theories," Mr. Watson correctly observes) (It's so much easier when everyone thinks alike).


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