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Friday, September 16, 2016

Michigan has already 'resettled' more Syrians than any other state except California and is a likely destination for thousands more the US political class is eager to bring in. New poll however says majority of Michigan voters oppose adding more foreign refugees-Detroit Free Press, 9/15/16

Recent poll finds majority of Michigan voters oppose adding more foreign refugees:

Sept. 10-13, 2016, 600 likely Michigan voters, 4.0 error margin, telephone poll by Detroit Free Press, WXYZ tv, and Epic MRA. Image from Detroit Free Press. 

9/15/16, "New poll shows Clinton and Trump nearly tied in Michigan," Detroit Free Press, Todd Spangler

New Detroit Free Press/WXYZ-TV poll 

9/15/16, "Proposed refugee increase likely to be seen in Michigan," Detroit Free Press, Todd Spangler, Washington DC

"The Obama administration is again saying it plans to admit more refugees — and presumably more Syrian refugees — which could have a direct impact in Michigan.

Earlier this week, Secretary of State John Kerry briefed members of Congress on the administration’s plan to admit a total of 110,000 refugees from around the world in fiscal 2017, which begins Oct. 1 (2016).

That would follow an increase from 70,000 refugees in each of the fiscal years 2013, 2014 and 2015 to 85,000 in the current year, which included a promise to resettle at least 10,000 Syrians among the millions displaced by civil war in the country.

The Obama administration has surpassed that goal, having resettled 11,598 Syrians with two weeks to go before the end of the fiscal year. Of that number, 1,229 have been resettled in Michigan — more than in any other state except California, which saw 1,337 Syrians resettled.

It’s not yet known how many refugees will be targeted for resettlement from individual countries in the next fiscal year, but it’s likely that the number from Syria — and the number of Syrian refugees to be resettled in Michigan — will increase as member countries of the United Nations try to react to the millions being displaced by the civil war there.

While the number of Syrian refugees to be resettled in Michigan or elsewhere in the U.S. may not be known for weeks, it’s a decision that will be impacted by the presidential campaign.

Democratic candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the U.S. should resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees in the next fiscal year; Republican businessman Donald Trump has called for resettlements to be slowed if not stopped until the U.S. can ensure that those being brought into the country do not pose a threat....

Some Republicans have noted that FBI Director James Comey said in some cases Syrians’ backgrounds aren’t fully known because there is no documentation available to the U.S. to research.

"The American people do not support these radical plans, which amount to a complete betrayal from their leaders in Washington," said U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., a key supporter of Trump's who has objected to resettlements absent more proof that potential terrorists aren't allowed into the U.S.

Last year, in the wake of the November attacks in Paris, Gov. Rick Snyder was among several governors who said Homeland Security needed to review its vetting procedures for refugees, though unlike some other governors he never specifically called for resettlements to cease in Michigan.

Resettlement agencies count on Michigan as a destination for refugees from the Middle East because of the close familial ties shared to that region by many in southeast Michigan’s large Arab-American community and an infrastructure ready to help refugees from that part of the world."


Added: FBI Director says there's no data in place to vet Syrians:

10/21/2015, "FBI Director Admits US Can’t Vet All Syrian Refugees For Terror Ties," Daily Caller, Chick Ross 

"FBI director James Comey said during a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing on Wednesday that the federal government does not have the ability to conduct thorough background checks on all of the 10,000 Syrian refugees that the Obama administration says will be allowed to come to the U.S. 

“We can only query against that which we have collected,” Comey said in response to a line of questioning from Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson.

“And so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no record of them.”

More than 4 million Syrians have fled their homeland amid a brutal civil war. But many Middle Eastern countries have refused to accept refugees, putting the burden on Europe and the West. Under pressure to assist, President Obama approved a proposal to allow at least 10,000 refugees to settle. According to The New York Times, just over 1,800 have come to the U.S. so far.

But many have expressed concerns over allowing refugees from ISIS’ breeding ground to enter the country.

As Thompson, a Democrat, said, “a lot of us are concerned about whether you have enough information available to you to do an accurate vetting.”

Comey acknowledged that knowledge gap.

“You can only query what you’ve collected,” he reiterated.

He also acknowledged differences in the U.S.’s ability to screen Syrian refugees compared to how Iraqi refugees were vetted in the aftermath of the Iraq War.

“And with respect with Iraqi databases, we had far more because of our country’s work there for a decade,” he said.

“This is a different situation.”"


Below, April 18, 2016: Sign at Buffalo, NY, Trump rally: 'Not one refugee until there are zero homeless vets.' Buffalo, NY is 4th poorest city in US, poor school graduation rates. Its struggling school system is deliberately made worse by flooding it with foreign refugees:

"Not one refugee until there are zero homeless vets," Trump supporter sign

4/18/16, "I spotted one pro-Trump protester outside the rally in Buffalo...," Jenna Johnson twitter, Washington Post reporter


Buffalo is the 4th most impoverished city in the country. Yet, "Buffalo has become one of the top locations for refugee resettlement in the nation." (July 2015) Burma and Somalia are top countries of origin of refugees placed in Erie County, 2002-2014. Since 2003, US has placed 3600 homeless Somali refugees in  New York State, many in Buffalo. 705 came in 2014. Why? Why send refugees to Buffalo schools which are already dramatically sub-par? Buffalo's poor high school graduation rate is even used to blame low on-time graduation rate of foreign language speakers. (p.2). As to local children, why should they be faced with Somali children who've, for example, been raised to believe in female genital mutilation, sometimes referred to as "female circumcision"? (p. 5) Refugee aid groups function largely on tax dollars. Such aid groups refer to refugees as their "clients." The US government pays aid groups at least $1850 per refugee, as of 2013, item 22. If the US wants to help, it should help create a large safe area in Africa for displaced persons. Africa is a large continent with abundant natural resources. Why move people to a different continent, away from their culture, language, and heritage? Answer: Because it's an easy way to rob defenseless Americans of their own country. "The money the U.S. spends bringing one refugee to the U.S. could have helped 500 individuals overseas in countries where they currently reside."


7/14/15, "Immigrants, Refugees, and Languages Spoken in Buffalo,", and

"Somali Refugees in Buffalo," partnership for the public good, Buffalo, NY. 

"Catholic Charities of Tennessee," Refugee Resettlement


"The money the U.S. spends bringing one refugee to the U.S. could have helped 500 individuals overseas in countries where they currently reside." Item 20, 2013 data, Refugee Resettlement Fact Sheet


Among comments to Jenna Johnson twitter above:

"Should this man be called a protester? He's a pro-Trump guy with a pro-Trump position at a Trump rally. He's a supporter. 32m32 minutes ago. "

Reference: Buffalo 4th poorest city in US:

4/16/16, "In NY, voters adjust to something new: attention," Poughkeepsie Journal, Joseph Spector, Albany Bureau Chief

subhead, "Tale of two cities"  

"Rochester and Buffalo rank third and fourth, respectively, in the U.S. for poverty, a report in 2014 found.

Only Detroit and Cleveland were worse."...


Above, 4/18/16, Thousands rally for Trump in Buffalo, NY, ABC News 


Added: Why do oil-rich Arab countries refuse Muslim refugees? Why is it assumed Muslim refugees can only be received by western countries? "Muslim countries know that the West will take care of their mistakes so they don’t have to avoid the negative consequences of their actions. Western countries quickly come to the rescue, open their wallets and land to prove to the world that they are not Islamophobes."


"Western media is reporting on the Muslim refugee crisis as a humanitarian problem that the West must deal with. But where are the media’s questions about the huge financial and land resources available to oil rich Arab and Muslim countries? Where are the Islamic solutions in this equation?

The world is often lectured to about the urgency of respecting Arab and Islamic brotherly love, but where is the Arab action to rescue fellow Muslims and Arabs from the claws of ISIS? 

Where are Arab feminists, especially those who demonstrated against France for banning the hijab? They are silent and doing nothing to rescue thousands of women that are victims of Islamic jihadist rape and enslavement. The only compassionate women helping women in the Middle East are the Christian mother Teresas and Kayla Muellers of the western world.

 Where are the mighty Arab armies who waged dozens of wars against Israel? Why aren’t they fighting ISIS and building tent cities in the vast deserts of Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the wealthy Gulf States? They are all claiming they are “moderate” Muslims and that they are against ISIS. But is one substantive thing they have done?

Where are the thousands of Islamic human rights groups operating in the West, the likes of CAIR and ISNA, who are dedicating their energy and millions of dollars to stop discrimination against Muslims and “Islamophobia” in the West? This is the same West that their refugees are escaping to. 

Where is the wealthy Arab League to coordinate safe cities on Arab land that extends from Morocco to Iraq and from Northern Syria to Sudan?...

Below are some of the reasons why Muslim countries...rely on the West to rescue victims of Islamic jihad:
Muslim countries know that the West will take care of their mistakes so they don’t have to avoid the negative consequences of their actions.

Western countries quickly come to the rescue, open their wallets and land to prove to the world that they are not Islamophobes.

Arab countries lack compassion and action to rescue each other despite the rhetoric of Arab/Islamic unity. Saudi Arabia and Gulf nations never open their borders to poor Muslims in distress. Even Egypt rejected the Darfur refugees who were later forced to go to Israel, which took them.

Oil rich Arab countries make it very difficult for other Arabs to visit except for haj. They are very tribal and refuse to dilute their culture with influx of foreigners. Third world country workers are treated inhumanely and are rarely given permanent residency, citizenship or equal rights.

Arabs would rather spend their petrodollars on expanding their influence in the West rather than making life better for their own citizens or supporting other Muslim nations who are financially less fortunate.

Islamic groups believe that refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan will spread Sharia in Europe, which is the main goal of jihad.

By clearing the area from the opposition and citizens who are not contributing to the empowerment of ISIS, clears the way for ISIS to expand beyond Syria and Iraq. Europe and America are absorbing the opposition to ISIS, so why stand in the way?

Life and saving lives and avoiding human tragedy are not more important than jihad in Arab culture.

I hope the West will think twice before accepting the thousands of Muslim refugees from the Middle East."


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