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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trump leads by one in Sept. 22-24, 2016 Morning Consult nationwide poll, 39T, 38H, 2% error margin

Trump 39
Hillary 38
Johson 9
Stein 4 

Sept. 22-24, 2016, 1712 likely voters nationwide, online poll, 2% error margin. 53% female, 47% male, 35D, 31R, 34 Ind., 81 white, 13 black, 9 Hispanic, 6 other. In 2012: Voted for Obama 42, Romney 31, Didn't vote 21. In 2014: Voted Dem. 36, Voted Repub. 32, Didn't vote 28. toplines and crosstabs. This poll has no breakdowns on the above Trump 39-Hillary 38 Likely Voter results which are only mentioned once at the bottom of p. 6 in "toplines." The poll is mainly concerned with tv debates.

73% say country is on wrong track 

9/25/16, "Trump Edges Above Clinton Ahead of First Debate," Morning Consult, Fawn Johnson 

"In a nationwide poll of 1,712 likely voters taken Sept. 22 through Sept. 24, 39 percent of respondents chose Trump, while while Clinton was the choice for 38 percent. The difference between the two candidates is within the margin of error. The other candidates in the race continue to trail behind the leaders, with Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson at 9 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at 4 percent; 10 percent of respondents say they don’t know or have no opinion."


Comment: As I mentioned above, this poll is mainly concerned with tv debates. It contains no breakdowns of the 39 Trump 38 Hillary Likely Voter results (such as independent voters). The totals are only mentioned at the end of p. 6 in "toplines."



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