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Friday, October 23, 2015

Hazardous air caused by illegal forest fires leads Indonesia to prepare warships and ferries to evacuate children. Air damaged by Indonesia strains diplomatic ties with Singapore and Malaysia-BBC

"The haze has blanketed Singapore and Malaysia as well, straining diplomatic ties, and has recently drifted northwards to affect southern Thailand and the Philippines." 

10/23/15, "Indonesia haze: Child evacuation plan prepared," BBC

"Indonesia is preparing warships and ferries in case it needs to evacuate children affected by haze caused by the country's illegal forest fires.

Co-ordinating Security Minister Luhut Pandjaitan said an evacuation was one contingency among several others.

South-East Asia has been particularly hit hard this year by the haze, an annual occurrence. It has caused serious health issues, particularly among those living in the epicentres Kalimantan and Sumatra.

Mr Pandjaitan said authorities had identified at least six provinces where children and babies could be evacuated, local media say, but any evacuation would depend on approval from President Joko Widodo.

Other options include moving residents to government offices equipped with air purifiers, Reuters news agency reports.

The haze is caused by farmers clearing land for plantations for the palm oil, pulp and paper industries, primarily in the Indonesian province of Kalimantan on Borneo and the island of Sumatra.

Residents in those areas have been living with hazardous levels of smoke in the past two months.

Indonesia has struggled to put out the fires, most of which are on peat land which burns for longer and produces more smoke than other fires.

US-based environmental research organisation World Resource Institute said earlier this week that the daily carbon emissions caused by the fires were surpassing the average emissions by the United States."...

[Ed. note: Really, wow, "US based" parasite WRI? Daily CO2 emissions of what part of the US, when? Why is the US even mentioned since China has the world's highest CO2 by far and will do so for the foreseeable future? Everyone knows US CO2 could go to zero and it would make little difference to the planet because of China's dominance. The topic of this article is depraved criminal activity, year after year with no possibility it will ever end. This isn't comparable to civilized society. Naturally, mention of the US in articles like this diverts full attention from genocidal countries like Indonesia which increases the likelihood the behavior will continue. US politicians always appreciate articles that remind everybody how bad Americans are. Though they don't really need encouragement or BS from WRI parasites to continue stealing millions of US taxpayer dollars daily and diverting them to the CO2 scare industry which includes WRI. They'll do it anyway.]

(continuing): "The haze has blanketed Singapore and Malaysia as well, straining diplomatic ties, and has recently drifted northwards to affect southern Thailand and the Philippines."

Image caption top: "Military aircraft have been water-bombing affected areas," AFP

Second image caption: "The haze has reached such high levels in Palangkarays in Kalimantan that it has turned the air yellow" EPA


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