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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trump leads by 7 points in Iowa, Des Moines Register Poll, Nov. 1-4, 2016, 800 Iowa voters who've already voted or will vote

Trump 46
Hillary 39
Johnson 6
Stein 1

Poll dates, Nov. 1-4, 2016 (Tu-F), 800 Iowa likely voters, land line and telephone, 3.5 error margin

11/5/16, "Iowa Poll: Trump opens 7-point lead over Clinton," Des Moines Register, Jason Noble

"The Iowa Poll, conducted Nov. 1-4 for The Des Moines Register and Mediacom by Selzer & Co. of Des Moines, is based on telephone interviews with 800 Iowans ages 18 or older who say they will definitely vote or have already voted in the 2016 general election.

Interviewers with Quantel Research contacted 1,072 Iowa adults with randomly selected landline and cell phone numbers supplied by Survey Sampling International. Responses from the full probability sample were adjusted by age and sex to reflect the general population based on recent census data. Interviews were administered in English.

Questions based on the subsample of 800 Iowa likely voters have a maximum margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points....Results based on smaller samples of respondents — such as by gender or age — have a larger margin of error."


p. 2, "In the last month or so, have you become more or less confident that [-----] would be a successful president if elected?"

More confident

Trump 39
Hillary 28


p. 2, 18% of voters will vote straight Democrat ticket, 18% will vote straight Republican.

53% of Iowa voters won't vote straight ticket



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