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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jewels worth millions of dollars were given by Saudi Arabia to Obama during his administration. Whether these become government property or not, this is a disgrace especially since Saudi Arabia won't accept any homeless Muslim refugees. Obama has been given "tens of thousands of gifts" during his 8 years-CNN (The office of US president has no need for gifts of any kind, much less "tens of thousands" of them)

11/1/16, "White House starts moving Obama's records to Chicago," CNN, Kevin Liptak 

"Also included in the handoff: the tens of thousands of gifts Obama has received over his eight years in office, which, like the documents and records, officially remain in the "complete ownership, possession and control" of the government.

For Obama, that includes millions of dollars in jewels from the Saudi royal family, a surfboard from the prime minister of Australia, and several ceremonial weapons from various world leaders.

Officially, Obama isn't allowed to receive gifts unless they're small and inexpensive. But diplomatic protocol disallows him from turning down, say, a floor-length cape from a Saudi prince."...


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