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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Veterans ralliers carry barricades from Memorial and politely place them in front of the White House which only stands today thanks to the blood and sacrifice of our vets so despised by the radical left and its front man and multi-millionaire set for life Mr. Obama


10/13/13, "‘Awesome!’ Veterans remove Barrycades from memorials, transport to White House [pics],"
Actor James Woods is grateful:

10/13/13, James Woods         @RealJamesWoods 

"Thank God we have baton wielding riot police to protect us from 85 yr old vets in wheelchairs. Thanks, Mr. Obama"

"Several thousand U.S. Veterans and their admiring supporters descended on Washington D.C.'s WWII Memorial to protest the punitive treatment of Veterans by the Obama Administration during the ongoing government shutdown."...

(Comment: I understand snipers are engaged at all times protecting the White House. From American Thinker here's a photo of one of them on the roof  Oct. 13, 2013 credited to Neil Pfieffer but without a link. I'm still looking for a link to the original.) 


Here's another photo of them on the White House roof during the Vets rally, 10/13/13. I don't usually post photos without a link to the original. Couldn't find one at Twitter or Zero Hedge, still looking:

10/14/13, "Snipers on White House roof top aiming at Veterans, Libertarian, Tea Party protesters," beforeitsnews


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