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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bangladesh Climate Change Trust with $340million in cash fails to submit a single report on its activities since 2009 due to cronyism, corruption, and poor governance-Dhaka Tribune. Update: NY Times insists US taxpayers funnel "plenty" more hard earned dollars to corrupt Bangladesh for alleged CO2 damage. So far no objection from McConnell and Boehner

Update: 3/31/14, NY Times say US taxpayers must pay Bangladesh "plenty" for alleged CO2 damage: "Countries like Bangladesh and several in sub-Saharan Africa that are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change say the report strengthens their demand for “climate justice”in other words, money, and plenty of it — from the world’s richest economies and corporations, which they blame for the problem....Vulnerable nations, emboldened by the new United Nations report, are demanding more, not less, from the United States."...

3/31/14, "Climate Study Puts Diplomatic Pressure on Obama," NY Times, Coral Davenport

Why does the NY Times insist US taxpayers funnel more hard earned dollars to corrupt Bangladesh which is documented to waste "climate" money on cronies and corruption?


10/5/13, "Climate Change Trust flouting own law with annual reporting failure," Dhaka Tribune, Abu Bakar Siddique

"Evaluation not carried out even for once over past 4 years"

"Bangladesh Climate Change Trust has failed to submit a single yearly evaluation report of its activities to the government since 2009, despite the trust’s own act requiring such a review annually. 

Trust officials said they had not been able to perform the evaluation even once over the past four years because of heavy workload and a manpower shortage.

“We have been busy with other works like releasing different projects under the trust fund,” said secretary Md Rashadul Islam, who has been working for the trust since its inception.

“But recently we have increased our manpower and now we are planning to form an evaluation team,” he said.

Under the trust act the government established the Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF) in 2009-10 fiscal with its own fund to undertake projects to tackle adverse impacts of climate change.

Currently, the total amount of the fund is $340m. The government has already allocated $190.78m for 139 government and 63 non-government projects.

At the same time, the government also formulated the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (BCCSAP) 2009 considered to be a guideline on climate change adaptation measures.

The trust board consists of 17 members including 10 ministers and it has already been accused of cronyism and misuses of funds for the projects.

On October 3, a Transparency International Bangladesh report said the main obstacles to adapting to the negative impacts of climate change are corruption and a lack of good governance.

“The trust is yet to carry out an evaluation of its activities because of various anomalies in the fund management records,” said a climate change expert seeking anonymity.

Such anomalies could be avoided if the evaluation had been done regularly, said the source, who is also a member of the government’s International Climate Change negotiation team.

Hasan Mahmud, the minister for environment and forests who is also the chairman of the trust board, told the Dhaka Tribune that he was not aware of the issue." via Tom Nelson


Added: The 3/31/14 New York Times article doesn't even mention carbon dioxide the single substance on which the $1 billion a day global warming industry rests nor the fact that China controls it, and that US CO2 has plunged.


For decades US politicians have funded the multi-trillion dollar climate industry with taxpayer dollars. Real problems have been left to starve.


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