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Friday, January 5, 2018

Reporters become reporters instead of entering the political fray because they can’t stand the heat. Then they think they should control the political process-Pat Caddell, 9/21/2012

9/21/2012, "“The Audacity of Corruption,” Transcript, Accuracy in Media Conference, Speaker: Pat Caddell 

(Caddell, from Q and A, following audience member #5): 

"These individual reporterslet me tell you something about the press: Reporters become reporters and don’t enter the political fray because, basically, they can’t stand the heat....

They have now made the decision they will control the political process. They are serving—with the hundreds of millions of dollars that the networks and these newspapers are, in effect, contributing—in-kind contributions to candidates in the Democratic Party."...

Below from 9/21/2012 transcript, “The Audacity of Corruption,”  Accuracy in Media Conference, Speaker: Pat Caddell: 

"This is not without accomplices, because the incompetence of the [Mitt] Romney campaign, which I said a week ago is the—my God!—the worst campaign in my lifetime, and the Republican establishment in general’s inability to fight, has allowed these things to happen in part because they don’t do it....

Too many political people in the Republican party in this town, want to maintain their relationships with the press....You know, people have their own agendas, and often it’s not winning."... 


Added: Re: Government corruption: In 2016 the voting block that gave Trump the presidency was well aware of government corruption:

"The biggest common denominator among Obama-Trump voters is a view that the political system is corrupt and doesn’t work for people like them."...There were between 6.7 and 9.2 million Obama to Trump voters, "far more than enough to provide Trump his electoral College victory." 6/8/17, "The Democratic Party Is in Worse Shape Than You Thought," NY Times, Thomas B. Edsall, commentary]

And: Democrat Party loss of non-college whites (sometimes known as blue collar workers) 2011-2017 is "highly problematic:"

Dec. 2017, "Party Hoppers: Understanding Voters Who Switched Partisan Affiliation," Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, Author: Robert Griffin (formerly with Center for American Progress and others)  

"For the Democratic Party, the loss of white people without college degrees is highly problematic. For starters, this group is a larger share of the electorate than is commonly understood. While the national exit poll of the major networks and the AP indicated that non-college white voters made up 34 percent of voters in 2016, the actual number is probably closer to 45 percent.(ii) 

Even small losses among these voters can have a decisive impact on parties’ electoral fortunes — particularly in state and local elections. The reason for this is that non-college white voters are well distributed throughout the country for the purpose of political representation. With few exceptions, they make up a significant, if not overwhelming, portion of voters in counties across the nation. This geographic dispersion makes them influential in every state and in a disproportionate number of congressional districts (Figure 6)." (subhead, "Implications for 2018 and Beyond")


Comment: Those who run the Republican Party don't care about non-college white voters either. For that matter, they don't care about any voters.


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