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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mainstream media is in the tank in most violent way against Donald Trump that I've seen in 45 years that I've been at the top of presidential politics. It's a terrifying crisis in democracy. Media believes American people are yokels to be manipulated-Pat Caddell, 8/1/2016, Breitbart

August 2016 article

8/1/2016, "Pat Caddell: Pro-Clinton Media Bias Is a ‘Terrifying Crisis in Democracy’; ‘Clinton Foundation Is Literally a RICO Case Waiting’," Breitbart, John Hayward 

"Allowing that the Democrat Party was still nominally his own-he’s worked on Democrat campaigns stretching back to the Carter era-(Pat) Caddell said he can’t believe how far it has degenerated from the party of principle he remembers....

This is the crisis of democracy – the mainstream media, which is in the tank, in the most violent way, against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton, that I have ever seen in the 45 years that I have been at the top of presidential politics,Caddell exclaimed. “And it is terrifying. It’s not what they’re telling us, it’s what they’re omitting to tell us. Not that they’re just for Hillary, and telling us that Trump is evil, and my God, no human being could possibly vote for him. It is what they are omitting, the facts that they will not tell the American people."... 

All of the media believes the American people are yokels, and that they are fools, and they’re there to be manipulated, so that they – the press, the better people – can set the tone."...



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