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Monday, July 17, 2017

Within days of Nov. 2016 election TV pundits predict a landslide for Hillary, say Trump could cause GOP to lose the White House, the Senate, and the House

"A lot of people have no idea that Trump is headed for a historic defeat," pundit on MSNBC with Joe and Mika, days before 11/8/16 historic win for Trump


Election Night: 11/8/2016, On ABC News coverage, best translation of the election's meaning was at 8:00 min. by a panelist/commentator whom I believe was Terry Moran:  

"This is a rejection of the neoliberal world order that really has been the consensus of governments across the west and across the world for a generation." 
2016 results by state, Politico, AP


Ed. note to my Google babysitters: You're not going to win by shutting me up. Great job by your parents raising a child to run interference for global thugs. 

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