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Friday, July 7, 2017

Calmes: When Putin met with Obama, he'd usually be sitting back on the chair telegraphing disrespect. With Trump, I saw a different Putin who didn't project steely confidence at the beginning: 7/7/17, CNN, Jackie Calmes, LA Times-Rush Limbaugh

7/7/17, "Tillerson: Trump Brought Up Election Meddling and Putin Demanded Proof," Rush Limbaugh

Rush: On CNN, "there’s a panel discussion on the meeting between Trump and Putin. Jackie Calmes at the Los Angeles Times observed this 

CALMES: I was struck that Putin didn’t project a more, umm, steely confidence at the beginning.
MAN: (whispers) Right.

CALMES: He looked down a lot, he didn’t make eye contact often, and President Trump was constantly making eye contact, or trying to, with him. So it was interesting. I just wondered what was — ’cause I’ve been in the room with Putin and when it was President Obama, and he’d usually be sitting back on the chair like that to just telegraphing disrespect. But it was a different Putin I saw there.

Calmes on CNN
RUSH: Whoa!...I’m surprised they didn’t delete that, because what she’s saying is, “Yeah, when Putin got together with Obama, he didn’t show any respect. He sat back. You know, it didn’t seem like he was respecting Obama at all.” Remember, it was Obama who told Dmitry Medvedev — who at the time was one of Putin’s top aides. There was an open mic, and Obama said, “Tell Vladimir to be patient. I’ll have much more flexibility after the election.” It was in 2012, and he was talking about ramping down our nuclear weapons arsenal.

Putin wasn’t happy that we weren’t doing it quickly enough, and Obama told Medvedev, Assure Vlad I’ll have a lot more flexibility, ’cause after I win election there’s nothing anybody can do. I’m not gonna have to run for election again, so I’ll have a lot more flexibility.” Obama was eating out of Putin’s hand, and here’s Jackie Calmes admitting that Putin had no steely confidence, was looking at the floor."...image above from

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