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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

You want Trump out? How do we get you out? We defeated you at the ballot box but you won't leave. What then can we do to be rid of you? In 2016 Americans rose up to pull down the establishment in a peaceful storming of the American Bastille. But the defeated Establishment says Trump is unacceptable and must be stopped-Pat Buchanan, August 11, 2016

8/11/2016, "Yes, the System Is Rigged," Pat Buchanan


This longest of election cycles has rightly been called the Year of the Outsider. It was a year that saw a mighty surge of economic populism and patriotism, a year when a 74-year-old Socialist senator set primaries ablaze with mammoth crowds that dwarfed those of Hillary Clinton.

It was the year that a non-politician, Donald Trump, swept Republican primaries in an historic turnout....


would that not suggest there is something fraudulent about American democracy, something rotten in the state?

If 2016 taught us anything, it is that if the establishment’s hegemony is imperiled, it will come together in ferocious solidarity — for the preservation of their perks, privileges and power. All the elements of that establishment — corporate, cultural, political, mediaare today issuing an ultimatum to Middle America:


Instructions are going out to Republican leaders that either they dump Trump, or they will cease to be seen as morally fit partners in power.


But why is it not Middle America issuing the demands, rather than the other way around?

Specifically...If we cannot get rid of you at the ballot box, then tell us how, peacefully and democratically, we can be rid of you? 

You want Trump out? How do we get you out?

The Czechs had their Prague Spring. The Tunisians and Egyptians their Arab Spring. When do we have our American Spring?

The Brits had their “Brexit,” and declared independence of an arrogant superstate in Brussels. 

How do we liberate ourselves from a Beltway superstate that is more powerful and resistant to democratic change?"


Image, headline of NY Times Editorial, posted Tuesday evening May 3, 2016 for Wed., May 4, 2016 print ed    

Added: 5/3/2016, even The NY Times Editorial Board noticed: 

"Republican leaders have for years failed to think about much of anything beyond winning the next election. Year after year, the party’s candidates promised help for middle-class people who lost their homes, jobs and savings to recession, who lost limbs and well-being to war, and then did next to nothing. That Mr. Trump was able to enthrall voters by promising simply to “Make America Great Again” — but offering only xenophobic, isolationist or fantastical ideas — is testimony to how thoroughly they reject the politicians who betrayed them."...


Added: Trump is the only Republican in the country with an army behind him:

May 10, 2016, "But as (Ann) Coulter told Chris Matthews, 

“ the (Republican) party. He is the heart and soul of the party.” She said Trump shouldn’t be wasting time meeting with “all these generals without armies” in the Republican establishment."  

"Ann Coulter: Trump Doesn’t Need to Meet With Paul Ryan, ‘He Is the Party’," MediaIte, Josh Feldman 


Comment: Yes, they're "generals without armies," and were "thoroughly" rejected, but as Rush said, that's irrelevant to the Establishment. Losing elections doesn't matter to them. They remain in charge no matter who wins elections. Call it the Deep State, call it whatever you want.

July 18, 2017, "The Establishment Doesn’t Want to Implement the Trump Agenda," Rush Limbaugh


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