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Friday, July 14, 2017

US political class devises end run around voters: Hire private intel guys (such as CrowdStrike) who'll sell what you want, and feed them to the media as 'experts'-Eliason...(You can't know 'proof' Russia did it, even though you paid for it--it's 'classified'. But, trust us, Russia needs to be bombed and you need to pay for it. If you don't like it, you're on Putin's payroll)

The 24/7 "Russia Did It" industry created by the US political class has "taken away real news from the masses and replaced it with policy pieces from people that get paid to hate you. You are after all, the Russian interference that they talk about." (end of article) "Lobbyists and Congress found they could build or destroy any administration’s foreign policy" by hiring the right private sector intel people.

April 18, 2017, "Why Vault 7 Tools Used by Private Contractors Shows US Intel Needs a Ground-Up Rebuild Part 2," Off Guardian, GH Eliason (Eliason is an American living in Donbass, Ukraine)

"The fastest way to get things done on a geopolitical level has become hiring the private Intel and policy making professionals and letting them loose as experts to the mainstream media
Who is using chemical weapons on the Syrians? Who was involved in the [alleged] Russian election interference and fake news during the 2016 elections? Who shot down MH-17 in 2014? Someone, somewhere had to be doing something, right?

In part 1 of this article, I detailed the rise of privatized Intel. Their history clearly shows that it wouldn’t have been possible without a helping hand from Congressional members that found out they could get their hands on top secret Intel if, and only if, they got it before it was labeled classified.

Although impact on policy is the subject of another article, both lobbyists and Congress found they could build or destroy any administration’s foreign policy
by hiring the right Intel providers from the private sector Intel community. 

Lobbyists found out they could run their own foreign policy to a degree by hiring some members of the Intel community that were in the policy making business.

Using the same people, members of Congress figured out the same method to run around the State Department and get the Executive branch to react to their fabricated/paid for by lobbyists Intel.

They provide their employers the facts they were paid to find. They provide their employers story to the media by stretching the connecting dots or fabrication. It’s become a huge ($Billions) cottage industry and these experts won’t be challenged. 

As I detailed in part 1, they all started out by emailing someone they knew about something they found on the internet. As they became a little more adept at Google search techniques, they found obscure facts that they sold as Intel. They emailed their Congressman and the press about their facts. 

They gathered “letters of recommendation” from anyone that would listen to them, everywhere they went. As the doors opened they found they could make tons of money connecting the dots to whatever it was their clients hated and wanted changed.

When the Iraq war rolled around, some of them were part of the President’s daily briefing. We couldn’t have had the Iraq war without them. Mainstream media was inundated with material from these sources that were employed by lobbyists to get the USA to go to war.

Here we go again, same story.... 

The Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on Russia and the 2016 elections couldn’t have come at a better time for me. A quick look at the experts testifying shows they can be traced back to an out of work web-designer, a pornographer suffering from toxic black-mold induced delusions, a gift shop employee, a stay at home dad whose last job was selling underwear, and a man that heard coded intel messages in fax transmission beeps. 

Unfortunately, this still isn’t a joke. These are the Intel experts that provide most of the Intel available in media today.

According to CNN, Clint Watts, the terrorism expert that gave the expert testimony to the Senate got involved in cyber almost by accident in 2014. With Aaron Weisburd, he is a senior fellow at the Center For Cyber and Homeland Security at The George Washington University. 

Starting with no experience in Intel or Russian Influence Operations Watts was able to “watch and track the rise of Russia’s social media influence operations starting in 2015 and witnessed their update of an old Soviet playbook known as Active Measures.” 

Clint Watts great breakthrough moment came when he got incensed that a Kardasian look alike Syrian girl spoke against Obama’s Syrian policy. He just couldn’t have that. It was…anti-American....

Watts and Weisburd (out of work web-designer) both work as consultants and do training and research programs for a range of military (US Military, NATO, and NATO partners- Latvia, Ukraine, et al), intelligence (ODNI, CIA, FBI,NSA, et al) and law enforcement entities.

We are going to define the big WHO that was on trial at the Senate hearing. Let’s look at how credible the track record has been for this group of experts. Starting with election interference, we’ll look at other major international events that shaped US policy. This group shaped the news narrative of the past few years providing stories including the Russian influence and election interference, the Syrian gas attacks (past and present), and the MH-17 disaster. 

You won’t be surprised to know that most of the MSM information only comes from these select sources:

When the Washington Post first introduced propornot with Clint Watts it was signaling the beginning of a new information policy. The problem is other than RT or Sputnik, Russia doesn’t publish the news, opinion, and analysis the websites listed on propornot covers. The list itself was a copy and paste of Aaron Weisburd’s list at and the websites are American.

 From liberal to conservative, Sanders to Trump, if you didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton the Senate hearings is all the trial by peers you are entitled to. You are on trial and like Joseph K, no one else is going to tell you why.
What is interesting from the above image is that is decidedly anti-Trump conservatives. According to Weisburd and Watts both and Trump are on Putin’s payroll along with They don’t even need to be consistent. 

According to Senator Mark Warner said in the latest case: 

“the paid trolls apparently focused on swing states in an attempt to influence votes there — Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — where people were “reading during the waning days of the election that “‘Clinton is sick,’ or ‘Clinton is taking money from whoever for some source’…fake news…Warner said it’s crucial that investigators determine if voting results were actually affected. Each of the three states narrowly fell to Trump.”...

There was a good reason Clinton stayed away from the states Warner mentioned. The information he is quoting comes from Weisburd protege Jessika Aro, whose fabrication was included in the ODNI report in January.

How does the Senator know what people were reading? Warner tried to describe botnets. In reality, the confused man was describing the websites that make up the propornot list.  

Quite recently propornot added Rollingstone’s Matt Tiabbi to the list. He is again referring to Weisburds work on websites and geolocating readers to find out where media influence is.

The Senate hearings and follow-ups are about controlling what information the general public has available to it starting with the propornot list. What they are after isn’t just to control what you read or the facts you know, this time they want to control how you think. As information policy starts to sanction these sites new domestic enemies will found in larger publications.

How do I know this? I’m taking an industrial view. Screw the politics. Both sides of the aisle are playing this game. All the pigs are sucking at the same lobbyist tit and selling Americans and the world out in the process.

If Sanders won the nomination and ran against Jeb Bush, the climate today would be the same. Both sides of the aisle cater to large blocs that first get them through the primaries. In a Sanders vs Bush run, these same blocs would have voted Republican. A Sanders win would have similar consequences as Trump but for different reasons.

Commie, commie, commie, commie…is the one thing a nationalist hates more than life itself or Russians, for that matter. Sanders would have been painted red to lose. At his victory, many of the moneyed people deep frying Donald Trump would have done it to him too....

The propornot story started out as a paid or placed article by these same activists. It did its job by igniting a shitstorm of anti-Russian media fallout. The same people that provided the websites on the list, testified as the experts before Congress this time, as well as multiple times before.

Reacting to this Google has started fact-checking articles, sites, and journalists. Guess who has the fact checking job? The same experts, fact findersultra-nationalist related groups and paid private Intel that testifies in the Senate hearings are now deciding what fake news is and who is responsible for it. That’s right, a former underwear salesman gets to decide if your website is paid for by Vladimir Putin....

You are once again getting called the potential enemy of the state by the same people that make money by creating threats. The linked publication StopFake is a Ukrainian propaganda site and a Google fact checker.

Because you didn’t accept the “facts” they laid out in MSM with no proof, you are on Putin’s payroll. Because they are the experts that MSM goes to now, you are challenging their authority and possibly their potential income....

Right now the US Congress is deciding how to legislate away the right Americans have to factual information without looking like they are trampling free speech and freedom of the press. Yes that’s being done and you are sitting there like a lump watching it happen.

Your politics don’t matter. This time everyone got Berned. Everyone conveniently forgets that Sanders was the first one labeled as the Kremlin candidate running against Hillary Clinton. Thanks to Aaron Weisburd work and Clint Watts testimony, the average American looks like Vladimir Putin to the US Congress. It’s called Information Policy....

Watts and Weisburd provided the substance to Russian election interference. Watts and Weisburd’s work provided the Propornot list. Watts and Weisburd’s circle provided the information that went into the ODNI report in January on Russian 2016 election interference without proof.

The reason is simple. You are the Russian interference. If you wrote about or supported, Sanders, Jill Stein, or Donald Trump, you are the UNNAMED agent responsible. Weisburd has gone as far as geo-locating where the more vocal Russian agents work and live. And those are just engaged readers. There you are baby!

Since 2015 Watts and Weisburd have been working for a foreign government trying to incite US policy against Russia. Their circles which includes the Atlantic Council make up the 18th Intelligence Agency the US has at its disposal. The only difference is they are for hire by anyone who wants to prove anything. Want to prove Thailand is plotting a US takeover? Give them a call.

In a lot of cases this private sector Intel is the same unnamed Intelligence community planting stories in the press. They create the new round of experts. They provide most of the Intel facts/fictions for hotspots such as Syria and Donbass that US policy has been built on. They provided all the proofs in January’s ODNI report. As ludicrous as it sounds, they are the go-to experts on Russian interference for both the MSM and the US Congress.

They have determined that you were the Russian interference in the 2016 election cycle."...



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