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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trump White House staff leaks now a legal matter says NY Times David Brooks. If senior White House official with top secret clearance reads notes of a White House meeing to a reporter, that's breaking the law-May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017, "Networks: The White House Leaks We're Receiving Are Aimed at Undermining the President, 'It’s a loyalty problem inside the White House'," 

"The New York Times's David Brooks, whose paper published the most recent anti-Trump scoop, is also acknowledging the role Trump's own staff is playing in his undoing.
"The most interesting thing is that the White House staff and the people under Donald Trump at least some portion of them, seem to have turned against Donald Trump," Brooks said Friday night on PBS NewsHour. [Watch the clip] "I have not talked to the reporters that broke this story, but if I read it correctly, some senior White House official with top secret clearance read the readout to a reporter. That's breaking the law, that means you need to be Deep Throat, you need to undermine this guy, you need to get the truth out about this guy."

And in the Nixon administration, there were a couple of deep throats, there was a guy off in the FBI, who was willing to leak," the columnist continued. "But in this administration, they seem to be in every closet, and behind every desk, I'm exaggerating a little -- but there are squads of deep throats. And so that means this story's not only a legal investigation it is a dissolution of an administration.""


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